Monday, March 12, 2012

The Seven-Day-Project

Well, back in February I attempted the February Photo a Day Challenge and... that lasted for 2 days.  So once March came, I was determined to complete the March Photo a Day Challenge.  Seven days is better than two, right?  Ha!  I didn't even do 7 days in a row.  I'm going to try & finish the rest, and I bet once April comes around I'm going to attempt that.  And at the rate I'm going... maybe it will be a nine or twelve day project.  Ha!  Any improvement is good, right?   So, here are the photos that I did manage to take:
Up:  I originally planned on taking a photo of the sky during the day, but of course by the time I remembered it was dark out.  This was the day that my Nana went into the hospital, so things were pretty busy.  I took this photo of Squirt while she was laying on the couch because hanging out with my cheered me up.  Get it?  Ha...
Fruit: I am terrible at peeling oranges.  Ha, seriously.  Look at that!
Bedside: the big stack of books is books I've already read, the smaller stack is waiting to be read.  Well, since that photo has been taken I've read all of those books.  I've been reading too fast this month, ha.   I need to go book shopping again... any suggestions?
Smile: Black cherry ice cream & Simon, ha.  I kept trying to get a photo of Keith smiling that night but he kept making faces..
5PM: 5PM means time to take my pills...
Something You Wore:  My boots.
 So, hey.  I did better than last month, ha.  & the month is not over yet!  Have any of you guys been doing this challenge?   Or are you working on something else?


  1. You did awesome!! I only took one photo. :P Oh well. I do better just taking a couple of random photos through out the day. :)

  2. Slowly but surely :)

    Your photos are so cute and we're so alike - I am terrible orange-peeler too! xo

  3. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! i am soooooooooooooo bda at peeling fruit!! LoL

  4. haha, so cute! i love your determination! g'luck on the rest of the month & beyond :)

  5. Squirt is sweet :) I love the photo you took of your friend Simon, what a great shot! I'll have to give the April photo a day challenge a go, they look like fun :)


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