Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sydenham Falls

(haha my hand was a little shaky for a bit...) Keith & I went waterfalling (ha I don't know why I call it that...) last week.  Then I had the great idea to try and go to all 100 or so waterfalls in Hamilton area.  Hamilton is the waterfall capital of the world!   Think we can go to all 100 this year?  haha.  I mean it's only March and we've already gone to two... well, I guess Sydenham Falls consists of 3 different waterfalls, Lower, Middle & Upper.  So, we've gone to 4 this year, ha.  Anyway, we went on a super nice day and we only ran into two other people when we first got there, and they were leaving.  So it was nice to have the whole place to ourselves.  I love that we can drive for 20ish minutes and end up at so many different waterfalls.  And Keith seems to know where the majority of them are already, ha!   Are there any places like this near you? 


  1. Fun! I love finding little places like this!

  2. I must say that I really like the last photo-series you've had here on your blog. Especially the ones with the falls and forests. They remind me so much of my time with my boyfriend in Ithaca.

  3. This is so nice to see! What a great idea. I miss the waterfalls we had when I lived out West. xx

  4. This is incredible. I want to visit!! I love how you posted food after the waterfalls too--it reminds me of some of my long hikes that were fueled by amazing food right after!

    I think there are a few amazing falls around here where we live...we just need to get out and explore more! This post was a good reminder to do so. :)

    Hope you've been well, Holly!!

  5. Wow, what a beautiful place! Also, that nachos looks amazing and now I want nachos.


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