Friday, April 6, 2012

A Peek at My Week... 11!

Started the week off with a cucumber, pear, ginger & grape juice (really good!  I'll be blogging about it next week!) and made the detox salad and brussel sprout salad.  (I'll blog about those next week, too!)  Actually I kind of ended the week with that, haha.  These posts are a recap of my Friday to Thursday.
Went and saw my Uncle Scott's puppy again.  (This is a really weird photo of me... haha.  And a great one of Dudley.  He moves around sooo much.)
Hahaha my Dad's friend is hilarious... he did a brake job on her car & wants her to pay him in cookies.
Celebrated Tessier's birthday.  Awesome night, haha.  It was like we were all in high school again.  We haven't all hung out in soooo long.  I'm so glad we got those group shots!
More fooooood.  So good.  Spinach, artichoke & goat cheese dip and bruschetta.
Squirt hangs out with me while I act like a weirdo and take photos of the books I read that month & the blankets I made... haha.  I love her.
More food.  I like taking pictures of what I eat... haha.  What can I say?  Even if they look terrible, like this photo.

On Wednesday De brought Julie & I crystal shopping for her shoppe (I will be blogging all about that next week!) and there is a salt room at the place she buys her crystals.  Ahhhhhmazing.  I'll be talking about that next week, too.  So so soooo cool.  The room is completely made out of salt.  Those bricks?  Salt.  The ceiling?  Salt.  Walls, floor, everything.
Crystallllllls.  And a burger, ha.  Again, be on the lookout next week for info about the crystals & salt room!  & more juice recipes and salads and looooootsa good stuff!
So!  Photo overload!  This week seemed pretty jam packed, ha!  It's been good, except for the fact that Keith & I are both sick.  I've felt sick since Monday, but Wednesday I felt like I was getting a bit better during the day, then I felt worse & woke up on Thursday feeling even worse.  Bah.  Oh well.  I still had a pretty awesome week.  Saturday night was such a blast.  We haven't all hung out in soooo long and it was just so much fun hanging out with all of those guys.  And I'm pretty sure they all love Keith more than me, ha!   

Wednesday was also a ton of fun, hanging out with De & Julie going crystal shopping.  I'm excited because De is going to start posting stuff about crystals on the blog!  But I'll talk about that next week!  Haha.  And that salt room was soooo cool.  Thursday I was planning on heading to De's house for another baby day with sweet lil' Sophie and Wolfie, but I was feeling so much worse & I didn't want to get anyone sick.  So, hopefully that can happen sometime next week!  

I think I'm just going to be taking it easy this weekend... it's Easter but we don't really have any big plans.  I haven't seen my Nana this week since I've been sick & I don't want her to catch anything, but I think she'll be coming over for Easter.  Hopefully she's up to it!  Annd... other than that... Keith and I have plans to watch season 4 of Sons of Anarchy.  At least, I just decided that's what we're doing, haha. I LOVE that show.  Are any of you guys into it?  What shows are you into?  And what did you do this week?  Hope you guys had a great one!  & an awesome weekend!  Any big Easter plans?  (So many questions!  Haha.)


  1. yumm, your food always looks so good! especially those chips at the end, haha. also i love the crystals, i've been meaning to buy some for months!

  2. The food looks amazing and the crystals look so pretty!


  3. Ahhh hey Holly! I've missed you and your blog. This post is amazing. I LOVE how that juice sounds. Will you post about it soon? You inspired me to start juicing, Ive been thinking about it for a while but need the expensive tools haha. Btw, you eat pretty darn healthy. You should come back and guest post on my blog ;)

  4. Your week and the food you made looks so so amazing! Can you come cook for me? Especially that spinach and goat cheese creation!

  5. my boyfriend and i have been watching leverage, and breakout kings, which are both on netflix!! i love both of them. leverage starts getting a little boring after a while, but it's nice to watch every now and again.
    Knit, Nicole, Knit!


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