Friday, April 27, 2012

A Peek at My Week... 14!

Delicious watermelon, Jun'i, crocheting blankets (I think this month I've set a new record!), all 3 cats eating & a bunny in my Nana's backyard.
Keith's background on his computer.  I didn't even have to make him do it!  Haha.  They are the hoops that Cathy created for us, you can buy your own custom ones in her shop!
JuneBug, Steve & Toki hanging out.
Juice & chicken fingas.
Babysitting some adorable monkeys.
Alpaca shearing!  (I'll be doing a full post about it soon.)
Ahhh I love this photo of Squirty... haha.  She lost those bottom two teeth & I FINALLY have a photo that captures it!
Got to hang out with these two adorable kids!  I have a bunch of photos from this, but since this post already has a ton I'll save it for another day, ha!
It looks like I've done a ton of stuff this week, ha!  I'm glad that I took so many photos.  I've got a ton of photos of all of the cats, Tim & De get home on Sunday.  Keith & I are going to the airport to pick them up & I'm excited to hear all of their stories from their trip!  I'm not sure what else we're doing this weekend.  We finished Sons of Anarchy & started and finished Lilyhammer (I think I mentioned that already?), so this week we started Life.  They're all on Netflix, ha.  Canadian Netflix has such a small collection compared to American Netflix.  Oh well, we're slowly catching up with you guys... Do you have any shows to recommend?  For some reason I much prefer TV shows over movies.  Movies seem too long.  I know, that makes no sense, ha.  Oh yeah, I also started Twin Peaks, but Keith isn't watching that with me... I don't think he'd like it, ha.

What are your plans for this weekend?  Did you do anything exciting this week?


  1. HAHA that cat looks like it has a chocolate milk mustache/beard

  2. eeeeep!! Those kitties are all so cute!! As is the bunny + alpaca!! I love Keith's wallpaper!! How sweet! I've been watching Eureka + Dr. Who lately (along w/ How I Met Your Mother - which I already know you love, so I really don't have to recommend that, do I? ;))
    Have an awesome Friday + weekend Holly!! xoxo

  3. OMG! When you said something about Keith's laptop on my blog post about the hoops I had no idea what you were talking about LOL. Now I get it! Love it!!!!

  4. What fun photos! Of course my fave's are your kitties as I have two of my own! We had a very low key weekend and finally got some R&R. Much needed! xxoo

  5. Aaw...I love these posts of yours! Your photos are gorgeous. :) That llama's hair has me cracking up, too!

  6. You have to watch Undercover Boss! Only season 2 is on Netflix, but it's really good. For some reason, all the episodes are out of order, though :(

  7. Are they your nieces and nephews? They look like you!

  8. Also, your cats have really cute moustaches.


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