Thursday, April 26, 2012

So, I don't usually do these types of blog posts, but I figured why not.
Suzy came up with the idea & I saw Alice did it toooo, so here is my post:

1) post your first ever facebook profile picture.
2) pick one photo {only one} from each consecutive year up to the present one.
3) explain.
From 2006.
I reaaaaaaally did not want to join facebook at first, but then I did & this was my profile picture for a couple of years, ha.   As you can see, I had a "bright idea"... ha?
2008, posing with a painting of myself?  Ha.  & no that's not my number, I don't know who's number that is. Also my hair seems short here!  Haha.
2009.  Me, Keith & Meaghan and someone in the background (no idea who that guy is) photobombing us... haha.
So, I'm going to cheat here because I didn't have a new photo for 2007 and I also don't have a 2012 one... so this one is from 2009, too.  I just really like this photo, ha.  & it was taken by Aaron Ruell, also known as Kip from Napoleon Dynamite.
Also 2009. Keith & I with someone's dog.  I have no idea who's dog it is, ha.
2010.  RIP Gary Coleman.
Also 2010.  Man, I'm not following the rules at allllll, haha!
2011.  Love Mandy Patinkin.
Aaaaand 2011 again, ha.  But it was taken a few years before.
Another 2011.... ha.
And this is my current profile picture.  Although it's from last year.  Keith & I need some newer photos together, haha.  
So! I totally didn't follow the rules, ha.  But oh well.  Let me know if you decide to do this!  Leave a link to your post!


  1. The bright idea picture made me chuckle!

    This is cool. I'm going to do it too ;)


  2. hahaha i forgive you for not following the rules. i'm just happy you played! :)


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