Monday, May 28, 2012

Blog Meetup!

I'm sure most of you have already read about what an awesome time Saturday was at Blog Podium (either on Jules' or Carly's blogs) so I won't write a whooooole lot... but it was amazing!  So much fun!  It's awesome how you can meet people in real life for the first time & feel like you've known them for ages.  Anytime I read a blog post about someone meeting up with blog friends it would make me kind of nervous to one day meet blog friends in real life!  But it was so much fun.  I was totally shaking on the ride there, ha.  So nervous.  But once we all started talking (and drinking some wine, ha!) it was a blast.  I really hope that we can all hang out again very soon!  I'm just going to steal this from Jules' blog, here are all of the people I hung out with!

♥ carly from miss teacups
♥ jules from life of a cupcake
♥ elycia + ivan from love elycia
♥ eryn from red food colouring
♥ rach from the paper hearts blog
♥ chantilly from my girl thursday
♥ kait from miss kait online
♥ angela from the sunshine memoir
♥ mel from smiles from mel

& now time for some photos!  I'm actually surprised at the small amount of photos that I took, ha!  But here they are.  And yes, I totally took some creeper shots, ha!
Super blurry, ha.  But we all stacked our phones so that we would stop texting & stuff while we ate!
So much fuuuuun!  & now for some instagram photos... some are mine, but they are mostly everyone else's, ha.
Birthday Shot!

So much fuuuuun!  I'm bummed it's over, ha!  & that I left all of my free stuff at Rach's, ha.  OH WELL, that just means I'll have to make a trip back to Toronto soon!  We should totally start planning a new meetup.  Sometime SOON.  Like, in June.  Blue Jay game?  Beach day?  Picnic?  Let's do something!


  1. looks like you guys had a blast! I need to find some fellow Portland bloggers that i like so I can have a blogging friend meet up!

  2. Oh how fun! Looks like a really cool meetup!

  3. It kind of makes sense that most are blurry, am I right? lol ;)
    Love yoooou

  4. Great pictures & re-cap. Hopefully we'll meet at BP3.

  5. Thats the face I use to pick up at the bar.

    Hahahahahahhahaha. <333 love you ladies long time. Best Bloggy Friends for Life ;) If you ever feel the need to visit the wonderful land of durham region you'll always have a place with me! haha :) seriously bloggy picnic needs to happen. Or bloggy wonderland trip. Or beach. Or all 3. hahah!!

  6. What a fun idea! I totally know what you mean about meeting up irl. I had some online friends for 8 years now and it feels like I know them irl life already but the one time I did meet up, I was really nervous. All worked out though! Glad you had a great time!

  7. Love the photos, especially the one of Eryn w the phone.
    So bummed that I couldn't come to the after-party, but am so in for another meet-up so I can spend more time.
    June's good, and I have Jays season tickets ;)

    1. and know the guy to get us on the Jumbotron - haha!

    you are so funnnn! everyone was! i had a blast. so glad we went!
    i am definitely down for another hangout soon! i seem to remember trying to convince keith to move to toronto too. can't wait to hang again girl!

  9. What fun!! I love all the photos, it looks like it was a grand time!! xo

  10. Oh I'm am so jealous of your meetup! You all look like you had a great time! If you're ever in the Philadelphia area, you know who to email (me!)

  11. WOW....this had me smiling through the entire post, love it!!

  12. This is so neat!!! It always trips me out to see my favourite bloggers in photos together.

  13. Awwww, I wanna come next time!!
    Looks like fun was had by all.

  14. Blog meetups are just the best, right! This looks like such a fun time:)

  15. I see my second sandwich with mayo fail


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