Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dirty Squirty

The other day Squirt was pretty proud of herself.  Every year we let her into the pool to make sure that she knows how to get out incase she ever falls in (and she gets pretty warm sometimes so I like to let her come in for a few minutes to cool herself off.).  As soon as she gets out, she rolls around in the grass and then waits until no one is looking and rolls around in the dirt.  Over & over.  Then she comes running over all proud of herself once she's finally covered, ha.  She's a funny dog...

Tomorrow I think we're going to have baby day!  De mentioned something about going out for brunch on a patio somewhere, so that sounds awesome!  & then on Saturday Keith and I are going to Toronto for the BLOG MEETUP/CONFERENCE!  & ELYCIA'S BIRTHDAY!  Okay, I'll stop typing in caps, ha.  (Keith isn't going to the conference... just taking me.) And I get to hang out with all kinds of awesome people!  I'm so pumped.  I'll be taking TONS of photos, and I'm sure that everyone else will be taking tons, too.  Ah, I'm pumped!! What do you have planned this weekend?


  1. Why is it that puppies are still so cute and sweet and they are stinky and dirty?? Gotta love 'em!

  2. LOL! My cat does the same thing inside with litter? On Friday's I change the litter and Norman always follows me to watch and immediately gets in it and rolls around. This makes his white fur turn grey! Usually he only does this the day it's cleaned, but 2 days ago he was doing it in dirty litter. I was totally and utterly disturbed. EWWWW

  3. that is SO cute. although it would drive me crazy if buster or bamboo did that!


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