Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The List!

Time for another update of "The List"!   I haven't added anything to it in a while, and I've been coming up with a few new ideas... so here they are:
  • Go camping!  Last summer Keith & I only went camping once (!!!) and we didn't go out on his boat at all!  I know that he wants to go out & do more this summer, so hopefully we'll be able to!
  • Rent a cottage or a houseboat & go on a trip with friends!  Even if it's just for a long weekend.  We've been talking about renting a houseboat & going through all of the Locks, and I just think it would be such a fun time!  My parents did that with their friends when they were younger & they said that they had a blast.  I'd looooooove to do that this summer!
  • Make pizza on the BBQ! Every summer I want to do this, and I never get around to it!  I really love making pizza from scratch, and so why not make it on the BBQ?  Yum!
  • Have more pool parties this summer! & drink sangria at these parties!
  • Have a favourite thing party!  De & I were just talking about this, so it's fresh on my mind.  It seems like so fun.  Everyone bring 5 of their favourite thing that is under 5$ (favourite snack, lip gloss, bath bomb, whatever!) and then you draw names and everyone gets 5 new things!  Awesome.
Ha, this list is totally summer based! I'm just getting really excited for the summer & to cross a bunch of things off my list!  What are you hoping to do this summer?  (Or winter for all of you in the southern hemisphere!)  If you've got a list like this I'd love to check it out!


  1. Aw, your list makes me really excited for summer! I love coming up with a short list of things I'd love to do with friends before summer's end. I have never made pizza on the BBQ and feel really lame now... I need to try that!

    I just went camping last weekend for the first time since we moved to Florida and we all got covered in ticks... not quite the experience I remember as a child :/

    1. I'm so glad that it finally seems like summer outside! You should try bbqing pizza! & blog about it! Haha. It seems like it would be so delicious made that way.

      Ahhhh, ticks! They are the worst!


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