Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My photo wall hasn't had much added to it in a little while.  I decided to check out Etsy for some new prints that I would like to buy to add to the wall.  I think I'm going to do this about once a month or so, a blog post with some prints, photos, embroidered hoops and other types of artwork to add to the wall.  Do you have any Etsy shops that you suggest I should check out?  
The photo wall (Which isn't really a photo wall, it's just filled with a bunch of things that I love!) is part of my project, "The List".


  1. I bought 4 prints just last night that I'm going to frame and put on my wall from Stranger and Fiction on etsy (http://www.etsy.com/shop/strangerandfiction) I love love LOVE her work and am so stoked that I've finally had some money to spare so I could buy photos of hers!

  2. so many cute prints, i couldn't choose!

  3. I absolutely love the wheatfeild!! I really want to buy one (or two!!) of her prints one of these days!! I really adore The Black Apple (on Etsy) as well as Nan Lawson (on Etsy as well).

  4. i can't get enough of the chipmunk cheeks shop; i want everything in it!

  5. Hi Holly
    Thanks for including my print in such a lovely line up! Lovely blog too :)

  6. LOVE these. So fun and pretty. Great list of prints. :)

    - ashley


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