Tuesday, May 29, 2012

One of the goals I have on "the List" is to write down 101 quotes that inspire me.   (And then eventually embroider some of those quotes and make some hoop art!)  You guys totally inspire me, so I'm hoping you can help me find some new quotes!  They can be hilarious quotes (I'd actually love some hilarious quotes or sayings.), inspirational quotes, umm... I can't think of any other types right now, but you know what I mean.  Ha.  Anything!  Here are some that I've saved over the last little while:
We Are Yawn
Alyssa Nassner
Sean Wes


  1. I loooove that last one! That's how I keep telling myself to think, even if my day consists of work!

  2. OMG i love these all!
    i have a notebook with so many written in it. i'm obsessed. i will send some to you!:)

  3. I lovelovelove that first + last one!! Brilliant quotes!! xo

  4. I have a (rather) long quote about perspective written out and stuck to my cupboard to remind me every day that everything life throws at me can be taken in any way - if I'm really upset about something I try to change my reaction and my perspective to turn it into a positive.


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