Wednesday, May 2, 2012

These two are the coolest.

Baby days are the best.  Especially when your friends have the most adorable kids ever.  I love getting a chance to hang out with Sophie & Wolfie.  Seriously, how cute are they?!  This time we were missing De, though... haha.  Now that she's back from England & Ireland I'm sure that we'll be having another baby day in the very near future.  Sophie came back to my house (with Lauren & Donna, haha.  I like hanging out with you guys, too!) and she looooooooved getting to watch Squirt play!  Her and Squirt are just so fascinated with each other, it's hilarious to watch.  Sophie just squeals and Squirt wants all of her squeeze toys, ha.   It totally makes my week when I get to hang out with those two adorable kids.  I just love getting the chance to watch them grow it.  Man, I love those two!


  1. They're the coolest and the cutest! :D


  2. Sophie has such big eyes! what a cutie

  3. Gorgeous little cuties, such great photos too

  4. Awwww... So sweet. Nice photos!

  5. omg, these pictures are so adorable holly!! :) cuutest ever. those chubby cheeks! awww jeez,

    ps -- i was so excited when i first saw your tweet about keith's show because we were maybe going to a show that night and i thought it was the same one, buuuut it wasn't. i think i will be going home to pickering that night for the weekend, but if not i will definitely let you know girly! :)


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