Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The List: May Update!

This month it's a little bit late... but time for my monthly update on "The List"!  Okay, so I kind of got out of making the SPCA blankets.  I mean, I made a lot... almost 100.  Anyway, so I kind of got bored of the same square over & over & over.  (Plus in April I made 28... so that was a lot.)  So now I'm making baby hats to donate to the hospital.  I like to switch it up a bit.  Anyway, I only made a few baby hats in May, so I'll just add that total to my total for June at the end of this month. 

Book-wise, I re-read A Million Little Pieces (can you tell it's been dropped in water?  Haha look how expanded my copy is... I think I dropped it in the bathtub a few years ago.) and My Friend Leonard by James Frey, read White Lines by Tracy Brown, and I re-read She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb for the third or so time. 

OH, and as for letters.  Um, man I don't think I kept track of how many I wrote.  Haha.  I wrote a few.  I'll keep better track in June...  

My goals for May were to make 20 blankets.  Well, I made 0.  Ha.  Read 4 books - I did!  Write 5 letters.  I'm going to say I wrote 4?  So I almost reached my goal... In June I'm hoping to make at least 30 baby hats, read 4 books and write 10 letters.  I really need to start writing more letters if I want to write 100 by the time the year is over!

What are you hoping to accomplish this month?  Did you set any goals for last month?


  1. Great idea! I should make goals too! It's already the middle of June and I haven't finished reading one book!

    I have a new giveaway on my blog if you're interested!

  2. I love seeing all the books you read!! I hope you take photos of the baby hats you stitch up!!! They sound adorable!! :) xo

  3. I'm saying hey from over at Elycia's!! :)

  4. Hi! saying hello from Elycia's! Love book posts! She's Come Undone is the only one I've read out of that list. How were the others?

  5. I really need to make a better habit of reading again. I've been so out of it as of late. And I've been wanting to read She's Come Undone for a long time. Knowing you love it enough to read it 3 times, well, that's proof enough for me that it's great. :)

  6. She's Come Undone has been on my bookshelf for a very long time. I might need to break into it! I'm always intrigued by books that others can read more than once.

  7. Oh my! I just bought She's Come Undone for 10 cents, on Saturday and I'm on chapter 15 today. I can't put it down. I totally stumbled across your blog, I think we may live really close to each other... Yay for local bloggers!



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