Monday, June 4, 2012

The List: Summer Version!

Today is so not a summer-y day.  Actually the past few days have been pretty lousy.  Lots of rain.  I know some people are fans of the rain, but I much prefer the sunshine.  It just hasn't felt much like summer these past few days, I've been wearing SOCKS.  And I get hot very easily, so that's weird for me to be wearing socks.  Ha.  Anyway, to get me excited for summer, I decided to put together a little list of some things I'd like to do this summer.  A summer edition of "The List".
Make homemade ice cream.  We have an ice cream maker, and it's never even been used.  Ha.  So, I want to change that this summer!  This roasted strawberry coconut milk ice cream by Sprouted Kitchen sounds delicious.
Make lots of delicious mojitos with the mint I'm growing.  & iced teas and other things.  Just use lots of mint!
Pick lots of fresh fruit.  June-July is the time to pick strawberries! & raspberries are in July.  Hmm I wonder if there's a place around here to pick blueberries... Okay, cool, a quick google search answered my question!  Haha.   I want to pick pears, too!    Awesome. 
Make pizza on the BBQ.  Man, this list is totally revolving around food so far, isn't it?  Ha!
Go to a Blue Jay's game.  Keith & I didn't go on the weekend, but hopefully we'll go a few times this summer.  Tickets are something like 12$?
Sleep outside.  We slept outside a few summers ago, but I want to do it again.  Haha.  Squirt LOVED it.  She just ran around all night long.
Visit Toronto Island again & see my sheeeeeeeeep.  Ah, I love that sheep.
 A few other things: go camping!  Lots!  Rent a houseboat with Tim, De, Nat & Kris!  And Keith, of course.  Go all through the locks!  Explore!   Check out lots & lots of waterfalls with Keith.  Go on lots of picnics.  Go to the beach!  A lot!  Take out Keith's boat!  We didn't go out at all last summer, bummer.  Just have an awesome summer in general!  Oh, and have another Toronto bloggers meet-up!  Haha.

Do you have any exciting things planned for the summer?  Or any things I should add?


  1. i love your list! makes me even more excited for summer! and now i'm craving some ice-cream and pizza..

  2. Sleeping outside sounds good! :)

    I have a new giveaway on my blog if you're interested!

  3. YES to another meetup ;)

    such a great list! I have an icecream maker too that I decided I need to try and use

  4. Sleeping outside sounds so nice! Even though it's winter here I think it'd still be nice. It doesn't get very cold here lol

  5. Come visit me. I have stupid beautiful waterfalls.

  6. What a delicious list! I look forward to going to Tallin or Helsinki (or both) this summer and make popsicles and macarones. Love the new look on the blog btw :D

  7. wearing socks! oh gosh, I was sooo upset to have to put a pair on!!!
    thankfully today is quite sunshiney! *phew*

    your summer sounds lovely!

  8. I think it would be great to sleep outside. To sleep to the sound of the breeze would put me to sleep for days!

  9. oo i think i will go strawberry picking =) and making my own pizza sounds awesome ha ha... i think i may just steal your list lol... love your blog xo

    pebbz | mylifelately

  10. Lovely list ♥
    My summer will consist of friends, laughter, the new boyfriend, packing my entire life into boxes and then unpacking them in my new apartment.


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