Monday, June 11, 2012

Mango Diablo, Blueberry Jam & Mask of Magnaminty!

It's always fun to get new things.  When I went to Guelph last week with Brooke, Alex & Meaghan, we stopped at the mall.  I wasn't planning on buying anything... but they have a DavidsTea and a Lush inside that mall, so I kind of had to get something.  Haha.  

A while ago I was in Toronto and I tried the Mango Diablo tea & it was delicious!  If I had more time that day, I would have gone back to buy myself more.  I'm pretty sure I thought about that tea a few times a week... haha.  It's delicious & sweet, but it's got chili threads & crushed chili, so it gets spicy!  Sooooooooo good.  Oh man.  I wish I could somehow give you some through the computer screen, ha.  And the tea of the month (and day!) was Blueberry Jam, and it's so freaking good.  It really tastes like you just ate some delicious fresh wild blueberries.  So good.  Ugh, I seriously hope Brantford gets a DavidsTea one day, ha!  

Then we stopped in Lush... for a while, ha.  We were testing all sorts of different things & I kind of wanted one of everything.  I held back though and picked up the Mask of Magnaminty.  It was weird because the night before I was reading about it, not expecting to go to a Lush for months.  (I usually go once or twice a year in Toronto.)  So I was pretty pumped to get it the very next day.   But now I want to go back & get more things!  Haha.  

What new products have you recently bought or tried out?  Do you ever shop at Lush or DavidsTea? 


  1. Lush is phenomenal. I absolutely adore that store! Plus I'm really lucky to live 10 minutes away from the only one in Wisconsin!! I always buy Ocean Salt. That stuff makes you face feel like magic. Man, I can't even tell you how much stuff I have of Lush!! What's a bummer though is that my bathtub doesn't work and I have a lot of bath melts and bath bombs =(

    SOON THOUGH, I will get that tub fixed, haha.

    Enjoy all of your wonderful things!!

  2. I love Lush so much! My very favorite product is either Angels on Bare Skin or Eau Roma Water.


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