Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mugs, Paris, Passports, love & bags

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Ha I like how I had a passport cover & a photo of Paris grouped with a print of "Home Sweet Home".  I love all of these items... imagine stopping at your home in Paris with that "Home Sweet Home" print, the "damn fine day" print & the heart hoop embroidery on the wall, taking your passport with that pretty cover out of your new bag and pouring some delicious tea into that awesome mug.  And then writing letters to everyone back home & decorating them with those pretty washi tapes.   That would be nice...


  1. That passport cover is soo cute, I need to get me one

  2. That would be SO nice!! I adore that damn fine print!! fantastic finds!

  3. omg that bag is to die for!
    thanks for including me among this gorgeousness!

  4. What a pretty clutch! :)

    I have a new giveaway on my blog if you're interested!

  5. Such a lovely story - thanks for including us!

  6. This post just instilled the most severe case of wanderlust in me! Thank you so much for including my Damn Fine Day print..maybe if I sell enough of them someday I can rent a romantic Parisian flat and leisurely sip french press coffee on the balcony. A girl can dream!


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