Friday, June 22, 2012

A Peek at My Week... 22!

Saturday night pool party at Kris'!
Sunday I went to Port Dover for Father's Day.  It's weird seeing palm trees in Ontario, ha!
Made some salsa!  With cilantro from the garden.  Yum.
Went strawberry picking with Keith! I'll post more photos soon.
Pretty package from Megan!
Made strawberry & cream biscuits with the fresh strawberries we picked!  I'll post about that later this week.  Er, next week!
Had girls night with Brooke, Alex & Meaghan!  Until we got rained on (we were sitting outside, ha.  And had plans to swim afterwards!).  This spinach dip was soooo gooooood.
This week seemed to have gone by pretty quickly!  I'm glad Keith & I got a chance to go strawberry picking (even if it felt like 109* with the humid-ex!  We didn't last long, ha!  Came home to go swimming!) and those strawberry biscuits that I made are delicious.  & I don't really like biscuits.  I'll blog about both of those next week.

Girls night was fun, although it got cut a little short!  But we have lots of plans to hang out soon.  Wine & cheese night, book club, girls weekend in Toronto, etc.  It's so much fun hanging out with them, ha!  

I'm not too sure what the plan is for this weekend!  It's supposed to be nice this weekend (well, maybe rain on Sunday), so I imagine I'll be spending lots of time in the pool.  What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. I always love all of your photos! They're such good quality.

    I'm especially interested in the strawberry biscuits you made... will you be posting a recipe/tutorial on how to make them? If so, I'll definitely have to try it out. They look so yummy!

    P.S. How do you take your photos at night (i.e. the first picture in this post). What flash are you using? I'm just curious because I've had some trouble photographing at night.

  2. I can't wait for that strawberry and cream biscuits post. We have sooo many fresh strawberries and I want to try something new. =D

  3. Fantastic week!! I always love seeing all the photos you take!! The berry picking looks like such fun!! I can't wait to see more photos!! And I am so glad that you loved the package I sent to you!! :) xoox

  4. For your weekend in TO, I can get you a room at the Royal York for cheap. $109 a night, maybe a little more. You just have to lie and say there's only two people in the room when you check in.
    (I'm trying to rape this company as much as I can before I leave so let me know.)

  5. Strawberry picking sounds like fun (without the summer heat of course)! Those strawberry + cream biscuits look so delicious.


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