Friday, July 20, 2012

A Peek at My Week... 26!

Delicious mojitos!  Made with the mojito mint I grew.  My Nana had one with me, haha.
Sorry for the bad photo, I was kind of too excited to dig in.  This was probably one of my favourite meals this year.  SO GOOD.
I found her like this.  She thinks she's human, haha.
Keith & I went out for breakfast.  & he's wearing his Tumbleweeds I got him for his birthday!  Now I need to get a pair... haha!
Not a whole lot of photos this week... I don't bring my camera to work with me because, well, there really isn't enough room in my bag for it.  (I have to bring my knitting, of course!)  Plus there isn't really anything to take photos of.  And I would probably get in trouble, ha.  So most of these are from the weekend.  Keith & I got to go out for breakfast one day this week, he had the day off & I don't go in until almost 4pm.  And one day this week De & Carli met me for my lunch break, so we hung out in Harmony Square for a while together.  It was super hot, so we sat with our feet in the fountain, haha.  & my Mom & sister shared a pizza with me for lunch on Wednesday.  But, no photos... ha.  

This weekend I think Keith and I are going raspberry and/or blueberry picking!  Ooh I actually just looked it up and I think the pick-your-own sweet cherries is happening now, too!  So maybe we'll do that on Saturday!  Haha.  I'm glad Keith is just as into it as I am.  I think his friends are in town for the weekend, so we will probably be hanging out with them on Saturday night.

Other than that, lots of knitting & crocheting to get ready for August!  Haha.  What are you up to this weekend?


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