Monday, July 9, 2012

Baby Days!

On Friday before work I went to the Blue Dog to hang out with Lauren, Sophie, Jess, Wolfie & De.  Of course, I was mostly there to see Wolfie & Sophie!  Ha.  They're adorable.  A certain someone is turning 1 very soon (on the 28th!) and I can't wait for her birthday party.   I keep searching for different things to buy her on Etsy, ha.  It's addicting!    What would you buy to give to a one-year old for her birthday?


  1. What a cute baby! :) I love how kids smile everytime they're eating something ;)


  2. my niece just turned one and we got the best recommendation for a gift - one of those red wagons! (toys r us carries them here
    so far they are loving it and it can be used for a longtime!

  3. That baby has the biggest, most adorable eyes I have ever seen! Blue eyed babies make me jitter with glee.

    Buy something that has a lot of texture. Something soft usually does the trick.

  4. Babies are so cute! What a sweetheart :)


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