Monday, July 23, 2012

Blueberry Fields Forever...

Wrong fruit.  Whatever.  Keith, De & I went blueberry picking yesterday!  (Another thing on the list down!  Woo!  Haha.)  Man, blueberry picking is about 20 times easier than strawberry & raspberry picking.  You can STAND while you do it, haha.  Plus since the bushes are big, you are pretty shaded from the hot sun beating down on you!  & they aren't prickly, like with the raspberries.   So glad we got to go, haha.  

BUT, now I need your help... I have a TON of blueberries!  What to do with them?  Eat them, I know, but do you guys have any delicious recipes that include blueberries?  I'm thinking of making some of these biscuits that I made again, except with blueberries.  But I wanna make some other things, too!  So, I'd love to hear your recipes!   (Also, I've got lots of photos from yesterday, I'm just posting this really early in the morning & I've gotta get to bed!  Haha.  So I'll share those later this week!)


  1. Very cool. I've only ever picked wild blueberries, and the bushes were ankle short - this does look a lot easier.
    Blueberry pie is a fave and will use a huge chunk of them, and don't forget to freeze some to have for pancakes for the rest of the year :)

  2. When I had a crap load of frozen blueberries, I made this sauce
    It's SO yummy. We put it on ice cream and pancakes and then pretty much at the rest with a spoon.

  3. I saw a sign for strawberries (I think it was was a few weeks ago, I can't really remember! haha!) and I thought of you. We had a busy day though so I didn't get to go picking, but these posts of yours make me wish to go pick out some fruit!! :)

  4. ohhh man! I bet that was so so fun!

    I've made this blueberry crumb bar recipe a few times and its AMAZING. its a nice treat that isn't too sweet like other dessert bars.

  5. you two are so cute! i wish i had too many blueberries. i could eat them for days. make a cream cheese pie with berries on top -- yum!!


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