Friday, July 13, 2012

A Peek at My Week... 25!

Went to the Blue Dog on Friday before work with Lauren & Soph, Jess & Wolfie, & De!
Went to Lavender Festival on Sunday with my Mom & sister.
I really didn't take many photos at all this week, except on my phone... so here are a couple of instagram shots:
I've been drinking lots of iced chais... unfortunately this Williams is closed by the time my first break comes around.  So if I want one, I've got to go a bit early.  Bummer, ha.
Squirt being her cute self.
Roasted veggies, corn on the cob & yellow, red and blue mini baked potatoes.
Reading on break.
I didn't do a whole lot this week after the weekend.  Just work.  It's weird working until after midnight. Keith and I are working totally different schedules so we don't get much time to hang out at all.  He met me a few times this week for my half hour lunch break, so we got to hang out for that... but then afterwards we both just fall asleep once I get home.  (Well I usually stay up for a few hours.) and then he works early in the morning.

He wants to go camping or do something this weekend.  Some raspberry and/or blueberry picking. I also need to go to Chapters & pick up some new books.  I've been re-reading my books lately, but I don't like to re-read a book unless I completely forget it.  And I'm running out of books that aren't still fresh in my memory, haha.  So, time to go shopping for some new ones!

What are you hoping to do this weekend?


  1. hey baby girl! lets go book shopping on sunday!? We were thinking of camping sunday night?? We really need to go and eat and be merry! Ill prob talk to you tonight! Love you my beautiful blonde sister!

  2. Heya! I hope you get to go camping this weekend! that would be super fun.

    I just read a really good book called The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. I borrowed it from my aunt or I'd lend it to you but if you see it, I highly recommend it!

  3. Sophie is TOO cute, as is Squirt!! You take such beautiful photos Holly!! I am still swooning over the lavender fields!!

  4. Looks like a pretty great week. You take very lovely photos!


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