Wednesday, August 8, 2012

8765 hours, 525949 minutes, 31536000 seconds

Soph & Keith kept touching fingers like this, haha.   So cute.
This sweet little girl turned 1 on the 29th & we had such a fun time at her birthday party!  As you can see, she loved that birthday cake... haha.  At the end she kind of just sat back like, "Did I really just eat all that?".  It was adorable & hilarious to watch.  Sophie is such a sweet girl & I love that I am getting the chance to watch her grow up! Every time I see her she's learned something new or is saying some sort of new word, or learning how to crawl/stand/walk.  She's just the best, haha.

I've been talking with De a little bit and I'm really hoping that this year (sometime in October) we can all go away on a little trip somewhere up north.  De, Tim, Nat, Kris, Jesse, Lauren, Sophie, Keith & I.  I think we would have a blast.  Have a little Thanksgiving while away and celebrate De & Nat's birthdays.  And just hang out with awesome people.  I tend to come up with all sorts of ideas of trips and things I want to do (and the majority of the time they are just ideas, ha.) but I'm really hoping that this will happen.  Is there anywhere you're hoping to go this year?


  1. awwww!! She is SO cute!! I love her big cake and watching her eat her tiny cake!! :)

  2. amazing photos! what a cutie! happy first birthday! i love the photos with the cake all over her face.

  3. That is one cake covered baby hahah!!!

    A trip sounds so wonderffullll! I am just dying to go to a cottage. I dont care if its even in the fall (which would actually be quite lovely), I just need a cottage weekend in my life. I miss it :( :( :( Chances of that happening though are slim! So really, a weekend getaway anywhere would be nice.

  4. Holly, your photos are beautiful! How luck for Sophie to have you in her life, so when she grows up she will have all these fantastic photos.

    I have a few trips planned, the one I'd really love would be for James, Maddy, Jaz and I to rent a house on the beach for a week and just chill out :)


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