Friday, August 3, 2012

A Peek at My Week... 28!

I looooove having this for lunch.  Fresh tomatoes & guacamole with garlic aioli on toast.  YUM.
I made blueberry scones/biscuits with the blueberries we picked.
Keith & I went to Cobblestones. I looove the jalepeno cheddar soup.  & they have delicious dill pickle fries!
Celebrated Sophie's first birthday!
Keith & I went peach picking!
I went out for dinner with my Nana & Sara.  The new 100 & 50 dollar bills are weird!  haha.
We slept outside!
This was a pretty fun week!  Haha.  Filled with lots of delicious foods, as you can see!  Right now I'm on my way up north with Keith, Nat & Kris!  I'm pumped.  We're going to Sudbury for the first night.  I'm definitely not going down in the mines, ha.  I did that when I was little & I'm 100% sure if I did that now, I would have a giant panic attack.  (Just like when I went in the Catacombs in France...  STUPID IDEA.  haha!)  So I'll stay ABOVE GROUND and probably knit or crochet while they go down & do that.  THEN, for the next two nights we've got a cottage rented!  It's going to be a ton of fun!  What do you have planned for this weekend?


  1. all that food looks SO delicious!! You are making me hungry!!
    Sophie is so cute!! I love her top! :)
    Peach picking!! What fun- I really have to find something like that around here!!
    I hope you have fun on your weekend adventures!! :) xoxo

  2. I looooooove the new bills.

    Also gimme that food.

    Also take me peach picking. :((((((.

  3. oh wow, look at all that cake! what a lucky little girl!

  4. I have never made blueberry scones. I've made lots of ordinary fruit scones but never blueberry. I'll have to try that :)

    Also, I LOVE your blog name!



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