Friday, August 31, 2012

A Peek at My Week... 32!

Got a new salt lamp & a delicious pomegranate/raspberry chocolate bar from Goodness Me.
My Mom & I tried out the new frozen yogurt place downtown.   So delicious.
Went to a tomato taste testing at Walter's Greenhouse.  Discovered some new tomatoes that I'm excited to grow next summer!
So my Nana hates watermelon.  And she loves desserts.  LOOOOOOOOVES desserts.  She's hated watermelon since she was a kid & is convinced that she still hates it.  (Although she likes other melons!)  At the beginning of the summer she said, "I think I'm going to give watermelon another try this summer!" haha so we had this delicious strawberry & banana cake that we brought outside for everyone, and a piece of watermelon for my Nana.  But she was on to us, and made a face at the cake & picked up the watermelon and took a bite.  ...she still hates it, ha.
Went to the frozen yogurt place again, ha.  This time with Keith, Tim & De.
Tim, De, Jesse & Lauren came over and we made plans to buy a cottage.  One day.  Fun night.
Sweet lil' Sophie got baptized.  I got to hang out with her twice in one week.  Awesome, haha.  Also, she said, "Keith" and I think it melted his heart, haha.
Burger Barn.  SO GOOD.  If you are ever in Ontario you have got to go.  Best burger ever.  EVER.  Oh man.  I'm drooling thinking about it, ha.
Celebrated Keith's Mom's birthday.
Ha, looks like I ate a lot of good food this week.  The tomato taste testing was pretty cool, I tried all sorts of new tomatoes and I think my new favourite is black cherry.   Black cherry or pink girl.  Both were delicious.  And since we were pretty much already in Paris, I made sure to stop by the annual tent sale at Mary Maxim & I picked up some new yarn.  So that's always awesome.  On Sunday Sophie got baptized, so Keith & I went to that and afterwards we all went out for lunch.  Then I spent the day in the pool.  I can't believe summer is almost over... so crazy.  Earlier this week Keith, De, Squirt & I tried to go apple picking at the farm we usually pick at, but because of the weird weather earlier this year we weren't able to. Thursday was Keith's Mom's birthday and Nat bought a delicious Skor ice cream cake.  Ice cream cake is the best.  I'm always so bummed that Dairy Queen is closed in December for my birthday, haha.  But, candy cane ice cream is available in December...

This weekend is a long weekend.  Keith has to work on Saturday, but we are planning on going camping Sunday night and maybe Monday, depending on the weather.  I think the hurricane is supposed to make it's way up here around Monday afternoon, so it looks like rain.  I can't believe this will be the second summer in a row that we haven't gone camping until September, haha.  Although we did sleep outside... so that counts, right?

What are you planning on doing this long weekend?


  1. Um, pass that chocolate over here!

  2. Your photos make me want to go out and try to see the world this beautifully, too. And also eat serious amounts of pretty coloured sweets.

  3. Wow all that food makes me so hungry. I hope your camping trip is successful!

  4. I LOVE that salt lamp!! And I am with your Nana! I really dislike watermelon too! You always have the best weeks Holly!! xo

  5. All that food looks so yummy. I want a burger now! looks like you has a great week. Have fun camping if you get to go :)

  6. I regularly try things again just to prove that I still don't like them - mainly to hope that one day I will actually like things lol. The funniest one is that I hate tomato soup but love tomatoes and ketchup, I hate mushrooms but you batter them with garlic sauce stuff and I'll gobble down the whole plate lol.

    Grandmas are the best!

  7. Nana is crazy. Who doesn't like watermelon!?! Maybe shes only half crazy though, because desserts are pretty awesome. And it always looks like you eat a lot of delicious food!

  8. It looks like your week was very busy. Looking at food is one of my favourite pastimes, and all of these photos look delicious. I love the design on the frozen yoghurt cups. And your grandmother is great for giving watermelon another try! I'm lucky to say that I have not met a food I truly hated. :o)

  9. This post made me incredibly.... hungry. Oh, the hamburgers!

  10. How are you liking that salt lamp? I think they are so rad.


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