Monday, August 20, 2012

Day 2!

The Bridge of Nations.
Empty case of beer, ha.
Our French ride!

Here is (part of!) day two of our long weekend trip from a few weekends ago.   (Day one is here!)  I had more photos than I thought, so I'm going to split this day into two posts.  Before we headed out of Sudbury & off to the cottage, we stopped to check out the Grotto.  I wasn't really thinking & I was expecting a water grotto at first, haha.  But it was pretty cool.   And we felt like we were in Greece for a bit when we saw that fountain.  I sat by that for most of the time because it was soooo hot out.  Ha.   Oh, I almost forgot... I visited a yarn shop & got some awesome yarn, ha!  Plus they were having their annual summer sale so I got a pretty great discount.  Although I think I went to the yarn shop on the first day.  Oh well.  Then we headed to the cottage!  We were hoping to spot a moose or something along the way.  There was a car pulled over on the side of the highway & Keith was watching for wild animals and is pretty sure he saw a bear.  But other than that, the only animals we saw while away were at the Science Centre, ha.

This post is pretty terrible, ha!  I am writing it on Sunday night & pretty exhausted.  The Bloorcourt Arts & Craft Street Fair yesterday was awesome!  De and I did really well and I think we're both going to apply for the winter craft show.  I'll be posting photos about that sooooon!  How was your weekend?


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