Thursday, August 9, 2012

Good Mail Day!

Receiving letters and fun packages in the mail is one of the best things ever, in my opinion.  I think one of the reasons I love to shop online is because it's like you are getting a present when it comes in the mail, haha.  Even if you are expecting it, it still seems like a gift.  

I recently won a giveaway on the Yes & Yes blog for a painting made by Daina from Ocean Art Studio.  The painting is gorgeous & now I want to buy like, 5 more pieces for my art wall.  You can kind of see the amazing detail in the one photo I took of it.  So amazing.  

Then while I was away I received a package from DAVIDsTEA that I ordered on Wednesday night.  I'm still shocked by how quickly they ship their items out.  I ordered that late Wednesday night, and on Friday it was at my doorstep!  Crazy.  Awesome.  Haha.  I ordered the Nobel Travel Mug, the Nobel Perfect Mug (LOVE those bamboo lids!  So pretty.) and some Lime Gelato tea.  Oh man, that lime gelato tea is amazing.  Seriously.  You guys should all order some right away.  Haha.  It's delicious.  

As I was writing this post I just stopped to check the mail (it comes around noon) and I just received two more packages in the mail!  Haha I'm sitting here wanting to rip them open right away, but I'm trying to hold back and wait until I take photos first... ha!  I just love getting to see how people package items, it inspires me so much.

Now I'm wanting to send out some pretty packages to people!  (OH and don't forget!  If you want to be pen pals let me know!  Shoot me an e-mail!  Do you send mail often?  


  1. that is a good mail day!!! How awesome do those mugs look!? I've never tried David's Tea but I see posts about it often.

  2. Oh man, what a good mail day! And such pretty photos too. :D

  3. let me know if you love the travel mug, I've been eyeing it up for a few months now but its just so much for a travel mug ($30!) so I'm curious to know if you love it!

  4. oh my!! Those paintings/postcards are SO amazing!!! And I LOVE tea!!! Yay for Tea!! :)

  5. What an amazing mail day for sure! I absolutely love getting mail even if that means I have to drive 15mins each way to our Post Office to get it because USPS doesn't deliver to the top of the mountain we live on :)

  6. Oh those mugs are so pretty. Davids Tea mugs change your life, am I right?

  7. LIME GELATO. i'm on my way there anyway today to get my iced tea, i'm going to check that out. have you tried the mango madness stuff?

  8. 1. I have both those mugs they are AMAZING. :3
    2. gimme your tea.
    3. MAIL ME MAIL ME MAIL ME. penn palllllls whuuuut. I'll send you my addy on fb or twitter or something later hahahaha :D

    ERIN. If you want a cheaper one i hav this one and the plastic one, which is awesssome too. the kids one is really cheap and no-spill. and it has dinos on it. hahaahha.


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