Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hedgehogs, bunnies, lions, elephants & hoop art!

A beautiful hoop from Catshy Crafts!  (Now I want one of these for myself!  Haha.  It's so pretty.)
A knitted elephant, until you flip it inside out & it becomes a lion!  I got this at Lavender Fest from Wever's Weave-ables!
A sweet little bunny & Heather the hedgehog from meme & saysay!
And of course, the birthday girl!
I had a lot of fun shopping around on Etsy for gifts for sweet Sophie's first birthday!  Etsy is so much fun to search around.  & then receiving the packages that I ordered for her, even though they were gifts it felt like MY birthday!  Haha.  I really hope that she loved everything that I got her!  How could she not?  Look how cute those things are!

Tonight Keith, Nat, Kris & I are headed up north for the long weekend!  (Monday is a holiday in Canada).  We're headed up to Sudbury (check out the big nickel!  I haven't been since I was little!) and then we're staying at a cottage in Parry Sound for the next couple of nights.  I'm excited!  I'll be sure to take tooooons of photos of everything this weekend!  Do you have any plans for the weekend? 


  1. So sweet! I especially love the hoop art. Adorable.

  2. I love it all!! That hoop is soooo pretty and those little stuffed animals are so precious!!! I hope Sophie had a wonderful birthday!! :) xo

  3. So glad you liked it Holly!
    Little Sophie is adorable! What an awesome auntie she has :)

  4. That hoop is to die for! And my jaw just about fell on the floor when I read your comment that the elephant and lion flipped inside out to become the other. I want one for myself! :)

  5. I hope Sophie liked the elephant/lion!! It's really nice to know were our items go to :).


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