Wednesday, August 1, 2012

That time we slept outside...

Last night Keith, Squirt & I slept outside!  FINALLY.  Haha.  We did a couple of summers ago, and last night as we were heading over to Tim & De's, Keith suggested that we sleep outside.  So I was TOTALLY in.  This year we had that tent like thing to keep all of the bugs out.  Squirt knows how to get in and out of it, so she spent the majority of the night wandering around the backyard, haha.  She loves to sleep outside, but I don't think she gets much rest! 

The only bummer about sleeping outside is as soon as it starts to get light out, I'm wide awake.  But this morning at 5:30 or so I just read for a few hours.  I did fall back asleep, but by then the sun was right in Keith's eyes and he was wide awake, haha.  

Have you ever slept outside?  Not in a tent, but just under the stars?  (Not that you could see ANY stars last night... the moon was so bright!)

Another item off the list!


  1. Damn girl! I give you props for sleeping outside. I don't think I could do it. I am such a girl in that respect.

  2. I have many times, even without a tent. I love that time time around sunrise- it's my favorite time of day. I see the world in a different way because of the times I spent under those stars as a child.

  3. Oooh. I think it turned out romantic for you guys.

    Well, I have tried to sleep outside but I don't like the feeling of bugs walking on my feet or any part of my body. At this moment, it's hard to sleep outside in my country. Rain pours so heavily every minute that we hardly spend time outside.

  4. I really want to do this one day!! We don't have a particularly big backyard and we have about half a dozen stray cats living out there...but I think it would be really fun to sleep under the stars (with those outdoor cats!) haha! PS I love your blanket + squirt is so precious!! xo

  5. Sounds fun! In college, I slept outside with two other girls from my dorm.. we slept in a field on campus, just in sleeping bags. It was really awesome.

  6. That screen-tent thing is GENIUS. My face looked like this as I stared at your pictures in jealousy: O.O

  7. Awesome! I think I will, in summer and when I go home for the holidays. Such a great idea :)


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