Friday, September 14, 2012

A Peek at My Week... 34!

Went to Garlic Festival!
We went out for lunch afterwards.  Good pizza, okay beer, TERRIBLE service.  Will never go back there (although I can count the times I've gone to Stratford on one hand, so that won't be a problem... haha.)
I can never drink enough tea.
Got a beautiful package in the mail!
Bryon had a fire at his house.   We always have so much fun when we get together.
Started my new course!
I got some pretty new cards that I can't wait to send my pen pals!  Now, to sit down and WRITE.
This week was pretty good.  Had a hilarious time at Bryon's house (I always seem to wake up with a sore stomach the next day from laughing so hard.) on Friday night.  Started my new class, medical terminology.  I have to learn and memorize strange & long words, such as "hysterosalpingoophorectomy".  Any tips for memorizing words, FAST?  haha!  I have flash cards, that I think will become my new best friend over the new couple of months...

Lately I've been pretty tired, so I haven't felt like doing a whole lot.  I've been out of some vitamins for a little while & they really do make all the difference.  For me, at least.  But now they're back & I started taking some new vitamins, so hopefully my energy levels will go up soon.  Any tips on feeling more energized?  I could use 'em!  

Hope you guys have a great weekend!  What are you up to?  Anything exciting?


  1. I love those note cards + I am so sorry about the terrible lunch service at the restaurant you went to!! Bad service always makes the meal seem less enjoyable! :(

  2. Stopping over from the networking blog hop!
    I´m your new follower via GFC!
    Check out my blog sometime and follow back if you like!

  3. ooh, is a hysterosalpingoophorectomy anything similar to a hysterosalpingogram? cuz i had one of those two weeks ago!

  4. Garlic Shooters look fun and smelly! Ha!

    Stopping by from Thee Networking Blog Hop. Love for you to stop by and return the follow when you can. Hosting LIke Me on Facebook later tonight. Love to have you link up your fan page and twitter accounts ;)


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