Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The List: August Update!

In August I read Push, Dream of Ding Village, Oxygen and Orange is the New Black.  I enjoyed all of them, except I didn't think Oxygen was anything special.  When I was in the States a while ago I picked it up for less than 5$.   I should know by now to not buy the books that are on clearance, because I'm usually not happy with them.  I probably would have read more books in August if it weren't for Oxygen, it took me a long time to get through it, ha.  What did you read in August?  Any books you're starting this month?  Or any suggestions for books I should check out this month?
I received some pretty letters and postcards in the mail (Okay, I received that postcard from Danielle today, ha.).  And I finally figured out a place to put all of my letters!  This pretty box that I got last Christmas from De.  It was originally filled with lots of avocado products, but now it's filled with pretty letters that I've received.  (And some business cards).
One of the goals on my list is to use my nice yarn & make things for myself.  I'm constantly knitting or crocheting, but the only items that I've ever really made for myself are blankets.  I love buying nice, soft, hand dyed and/or hand spun yarn, but then I just let it sit there because I don't want to "ruin" it by turning it into something & maybe not liking it.  So I've been trying to use my nice yarn.  But it's hard, ha.  I did make a drop-stitch scarf/shawl out of this yarn I bought in Sudbury.
 My Mom & I went to Glenhyrst for afternoon tea.  I think we're hoping to go out for afternoon tea maybe twice a year at different places.
I also participated in my first ever craft/street fair! It was awesome.  This wasn't an item on the list, but I'm going to add it & hopefully participate in lots more!  Such a great day.

And Keith & I went peach picking!  And I discovered that grilled peaches drizzled with honey is really delicious...

This month I'm hoping to read at least 4 books (my total for the year so far is 34.  My goal is 52!), write at least 10 letters (I didn't keep track of how many I wrote in August... whoops.), make 20 items for my shop (haha I have no idea how many items I make in any given month, so this month I'm going to try & keep track/document how many I make!  I'm curious to see how many I make.  I'm going with 20 because I'm going away to Florida for a week in September.), hang out with my Toronto blog friends!!!  LET'S PLAN IT!!  Haha.

What things did you accomplish last month?  What are you hoping to do this month?  Do you have any book suggestions?  Or maybe want to be pen pals?


  1. 4 books in a month?! You're awesome!

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested :)

  2. Glad my letter arrived to your home :-)

  3. oh good, i'm glad you got the postcard! i wasn't sure how long it would take to get to canada. also, i'm going to have to check out those books. i'm always looking for something new to read, and it always helps if someone recommended it! and i've had bad luck with clearance books as well, that's why i just stay away now. i'm currently reading great expectations. yawn. sometimes i feel like if i throw a classic in there somewhere it'll make me smarter ;) haha.

  4. those cards are so pretty! and I love craft festivals. I grew up in the craft show culture because my mom is a jewelry designer. I've been to hundreds of them, and they're such a great time. I love meeting all the awesome creative people.

    I wish read more, those books look interesting! Cool how they all have a color theme with the covers!
    Tea with your mom is a great idea! Sounds like a fun tradition to start :)


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