Friday, October 19, 2012

A Peek at My Week... 35!

Hey! I'm back. & still alive!  I took a longer break from blogging than I was expecting, but I'm back now!  I've missed blogging & doing the "Peek at My Week" posts, so I'm going to post all of my photos from the weeks I've been away.  So here is one from 5 weeks ago, haha. 
Keith, De, Tim, Nat, Kris & I went to the new burrito place downtown, then back to Tim & De's for a game of Risk.  (I totally won.  Kind of.)
Went to my Bubba's house for a visit, and checked out the wedding going on next door at the neighbours'.
Went to the Twin Valley Petting Zoo with De & Leah.
& checked out St. George's Applefest.
Then went to Florida!
What have you guys been up to the past few weeks? Hope you're all doing well!


  1. I need to try those sodas. The market down the street always has them and I've always wondered how they are. We bought Risk but haven't had time to play it yet. I think my youngest son will end up getting mad and throwing everything. lol I love the photo of you in front of the corn. Annnnd now I want a caramel apple! :)

  2. Aaw, I always love these posts of yours. :) That last photo is amaaaazing, too! Gorgeous! :)

  3. If I rum out of rent money (because I can't get a job) can I move in with you? I'll cook and clean and be your friend and do all the things you and do... because I really want to live your adorable life. Mexican food and Risk? Ummm that sounds perfect.

  4. Yay, you're back!! We missed you!
    The petting zoo looks like a lot of fun! I'd like to go to one, but in Australia we just have like crocodile parks and stuff like that haha. The applefest looks awesome - chocolate covered apples on sticks? yes please!! haha.
    I love your last photo, beautiful! Also, I think De is super cute haha.
    I hope you are well and Keith is recovering quickly!


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