Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Peek at My Week... 41!

The cutest little raccoon ever came over.
CHEAP tall boys in the States.
Hahaha I love this photo.
De's biggest dream came true - she found a onesie.
Sophie came over all dressed up as the cutest little raccoon ever.  She was "The Raccoon Wedding", complete with a veil.  Hahaha tooooo cute.  I wish I got a better photo though!

Tim, De, Keith & I went to the States for the night.  Ate some tacos & drank some cheap beer (why is it so much cheaper in the States?!  Haha!) the first night while Keith made us watch football... and then the next day we went out shopping.  De found foot-y pyjamas and was super pumped, hahaha.  I bought a couple things from Lush & some yarn.  Oh and a new book, of course.  Keith got some shirts that were under 10$, so he was happy!  I'm trying to talk them all into going on a trip to Pittsburgh... hopefully it will happen.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Peek at My Week... 39! And 40!

Started making my new favourite salad.  & it's SO easy to make.  Mixed greens & spinach, avocado, cherry tomatoes, (red onion if you'd like!), feta cheese (I get the kind that is all marinated in olive oil and herbs & spices) and drizzle some red wine vinegar over.  & throw on some fresh pepper.  SO GOOD.  Seriously.  Man I could go for a bowl of it right now.
Keith & I went to the Edgewater Manor.  It's supposed to be haaaaaaunted...
I have been keeping most of the books that I've read this year on my nightstand.  They're kind of taking over... (haha at the end of the year I'm planning on stacking all of the books I read and taking a photo.  I'm weird, whatever.)
Drank some tea & had some salad (out of avocado & tomatoes, boo.).
Studied some more.  And gathered all of the crystals that I have that are good for memory, ha! 
When I stopped blogging regularly for that little period, I stopped taking actual photos, I guess.  Which is kind of a bummer, because then my camera just ends up sitting around collecting dust.  These two weeks especially... I only found TWO photos that I actually took on my nice camera, TWO.  haha.  That's so weird for me.  So, I apologize for the instagram photos... and for totally over-using that filter, ha! 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Peek at My Week... 38!

Drank a lot of tea.
Celebrated Tracy's birthday.
Keith & Tim got into De's scarf collection... hahaha.
Burger Barn.
I had a hard time finding enough photos of this week for this post!  Haha.  So I had to borrow one from Tracy and one from my Instagram... went out for fish & chips with my Nana one night this week, and we also went out for dinner with Alex, Tessier & Bryon. Haha & we went out for breakfast... I think we went out a lot this week.  But it's fun hanging out with friends!  I hadn't seen Tracy in quite a while, and I got to meet her boyfriend, so that was fun.  (TRACY, we still need to have a tea date!)

Monday, November 26, 2012

The List: September & October Update

It's been a while since I did a "monthly update" blog post, so I'm just going to combine September & October into one month.  I didn't read a whole lot of books, just four each month.   I re-read In Full Bloom and Cocktails for Three, I was waiting to pick up some new books & had nothing else to read, ha.  The Terrorist Creed was on sale for 5$, and I thought it seemed interesting so I bought it.  But it was really hard to read.  Not the actual story, but the book.  It was so small and it didn't take much time to read each page.  It was just kind of annoying to read a book that was so tiny, ha.  But, it was only 5$... I really enjoyed Gone Girl, and I picked up Sharp Objects while I was in Florida.  Also, now that I read The Beach, I need to check out the movie. 
I started working on a new blanket & I'm really loving it.  The idea is to have just a random patchwork blanket, but I have a very hard time just picking up a random colour & joining it.  So, I have a chart made up in excel.  It still looks random, but this way every colour is used the same amount & I don't have to worry about colours not going together.  I just add whatever colour comes next. 

What have you read recently?  Have you started any new projects?

Friday, November 23, 2012

Tea, Books, Lush & Handmade!

A couple of weekends ago I went to the Eaton Centre in Toronto, and decided that I hate malls.   At least around the holidays.  There are way too many people for me, especially since I sometimes have panic attacks in the mall when it is barely full at all.  So, I decided that I'm going to do all of my Christmas shopping online through Etsy, DavidsTea, Lush & Chapters.  Handmade items, delicious teas, yummy smelling handmade bath & body products, and books?  Okay, so I totally just described my favourite things (add in some yarn, of course!), but you can find something for everyone on your list from those stores.  And have fun shopping while doing so.

Today I'm stuck in bed with laryngitis (does anyone have a home remedy?!  It's driving me crazy, ha.  I have no voice at all.) and drinking lots of tea to hopefully cure it.  So, I figured why not put together a list of some things I'd love to get from DavidsTea... hahah! 
I'm actually drinking a mug of this right now, but I'm running dangerously low on my supply.  Haha.  I would love some more Cocomint Cream!  It's perfect.
Somehow I don't own a glass mug, but I would love to so I could see Glitter & Gold better when it's shimmering away, or the pink in Forever Nuts.  And the strainer (steeper?) that comes with their perfect mugs are the best.  No small pieces of tea floating arou anymore!  Haha.
Vanilla = one of my favourite flavours.  Orchids = my favourite flowers.  Vanilla Orchid = my new favourite tea?  I'd love to try it & find out!  
I looooove the colour of this teapot (it would look perfect with my green teapot!) and it's 45oz.  AWESOME.
This tea has mini candy canes in it!  AH.  
Right now I could totally use some Cold 911, ha!
Are you planning on going shopping in the malls this year for some Christmas presents?  Or are you sticking to mainly online shopping?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I wish.

Lately I've been searching online & ordering Christmas presents.  But also doing a lot of adding to my wishlist for my upcoming birthday (December 12th!) and for Christmas.  And okay, maybe adding one or two things to my cart for a little gift to myself...  I thought I would put together a little birthday/Christmas wish list & maybe help you find some new Etsy shops to buy gifts from this year.
This Dia de los Muertos cross stitch pattern.  I haven't done cross stitching since grade 7, but this pattern looks awesome.
I love this super pretty skirt.  It reminds me of one I got from SrslyLiz a few years ago.
Such a pretty ring.
I'm torn between these two beautiful camera straps.
This is just perfect.
I would love to add this print to my art wall!
Sweet stamp.
Everything in Oana's shop is beautiful, but I especially love this print.
This is just soooooo cool.  You pick a day where something special happened (the day you were born, the day you got married, whateer.) and you receive a bracelet with what the moon looked like that night.  AWESOME.
Pretty necklace.
An adorable little notebook.
What are you hoping to get this year from Christmas?  And special Etsy items you've had your eye on?
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