Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Peek at My Week... 38!

Drank a lot of tea.
Celebrated Tracy's birthday.
Keith & Tim got into De's scarf collection... hahaha.
Burger Barn.
I had a hard time finding enough photos of this week for this post!  Haha.  So I had to borrow one from Tracy and one from my Instagram... went out for fish & chips with my Nana one night this week, and we also went out for dinner with Alex, Tessier & Bryon. Haha & we went out for breakfast... I think we went out a lot this week.  But it's fun hanging out with friends!  I hadn't seen Tracy in quite a while, and I got to meet her boyfriend, so that was fun.  (TRACY, we still need to have a tea date!)

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  1. What a great week!! I hope you are feeling better Holly!! xo


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