Monday, November 19, 2012

Mail & Tea

I think we're all pretty aware of how much I love DavidsTea by now.  But how can I not?  They really have a tea for everyone.  Even if you think you hate tea (like... SARA for example.).  Or if you love coffee.  Sometimes I get bummed out that they don't have a store anywhere near me (by "anywhere near me" I mean... within 15 minutes, ha.  The closest store is an hour or so away.), but I think even if they did I would still prefer to order online.  Because getting mail is fun.  Especially when it's something as delicious as a new order of teas.  I picked up the tea Advent Calendar, and I'm counting down the days until the 1st... but while I wait I'm drinking mug after mug of the delicious Cocomint Cream. 

As much as I love getting my DavidsTea order in the mail, I get even happier when I have some surprise letters in the mailbox from two great friends, Jules & Megan(And Jules even included some tea in her letter!  Haha.  How perfect.)
When I created "the List", one of the things I wanted to accomplish was to write at least 100 letters a year.  I've been seriously slacking in letter writing lately, but I hope this week I will get quite a few letters out.  It really doesn't take much time at all to write a letter to a friend in a far away place (Or even send one to a friend that lives nearby!), and it can totally brighten up their day.  This week try to sit down for a few minutes and write a letter to someone! 

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  1. Ohmy!! Look at all that tea!!! (Though, there is no such thing as too much tea!!) :)
    and Yay! for snail mail!! :) I am so glad that you liked my letter Holly!!! xoxo


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