Monday, December 3, 2012

A Peek at My Week... 42!

We bought Squirt a little lamb while we were in the States.  (She tore it apart a couple of weeks after, ha.)
Got some awesome mail from Megan & Jules!
Soph overload!
Celebrated Sara's birthday!
Went to Toronto the day before Sar's birthday to her favourite restaurant.
I'm ALMOST caught up on my "Peek at My Week" posts!  Haha.  FINALLY.  (This week is 46.)  This week I went out for lunch with De, Carli, Lauren & Sophie.  Sophie was cute as always and talking!   I babysat her last Friday and she is talking so much now.   I also went to Toronto on the weekend (of this week) and decided that I can't stand malls, ha.  The mall was so crowded & I just wanted to get out of there as fast as possible.  During the holidays people seem to get so pushy.  Shopping for gifts online is just a lot more fun, for me at least, ha.  And there is such a bigger selection!  Are you doing most of your holiday shopping online?  Or do you not mind going into crowded malls?


  1. haha don't remidn me about gifts, I haven't gotten any yet! But sometimes I am so lame I end up writing a gift or service IOU on a piece of paper and stuffing it into a bag.but anyway that's besides the point, i agree that malls are dreadful! your puppy is so cute! and Sophie is a doll too, how old is she?

  2. I don't show up during the extreme days of shopping. Yes ,online shopping is better for me as I am too lazy :P
    These photos are great :) This baby has got adorable eyes :) Yay happy birthday to her :D


  3. Gah! The mall is so crowed right now, I can't stand it!! I need to pick up a few things there and I am really dreading it!! I love these little peeks at your weeks Holly! I hope you have having a lovely day! xo

  4. I love your blog Holly! I'm a fellow Canadian and fellow yarn lover although my stitch of choice is crochet ;)

    xo Kelsey @ Time Stand Still


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