Monday, December 10, 2012

A Peek at My Week... 43! & 44!

Went out for lunch with my sister.  That salad was a lot better than it looks... haha.  It was delicious. (& so was the creamy tomato soup I had with it.  Yum.)
We went out to eat and have some drinks for Skylar's birthday.  This was the only photo that somewhat turned out, ha.
I got a beautiful package in the mail from Megan
Tried out the new froyo place, and mochi.  Mochi is weird?  Chewy?
It snowed!  A little bit, anyway.  Squirt loved it.  She runs around and licks the snow.
Got my order from DavidsTea!
Ate more of my new favourite salad.  (spinach and/or mixed greens, feta, avocado, cherry tomatoes, red wine vinegar, olive oil & some herbs and spices.  DELICIOUS.)
I got suuuuuuuper sick around week 44... haha so there aren't a whole lot of photos.  I started off with a sore throat, and then I started feeling a bit better but I completely lost my voice.  For days.  And the sore throat came back.  Now I just have a dry cough that comes up in the middle of the night... but my voice is back.  Er, mostly.  Yesterday I woke up and it was kind of going away again, ha.  Laryngitis sucks.  It takes so much energy out of you to try & talk.  It's funny for the first 20 minutes or so, but then it just starts to drive ya crazy, ha. 

Anyway, it was a nice mail week!  Got an awesome new hoop for my art wall (I need to take some new photos of the wall!  I've added some new things.) and some delicious tea, haha. 

This week I'm hoping on catching up on all of my letter writing!  I've got a few packages I need to put together and send and way too many letters.  I also want to do lots of reading, I'm so close to my goal of 52 books for this year... and on Wednesday it's my birthday!  What are your plans for this week?

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  1. Your salads look so yummy as does that tea!! And I'm so glad that you love the hoops that I make!! Lots of love to you Holly dear!! xoxo


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