Friday, December 21, 2012

A Peek at My Week... 46!

Keith & I went to the Burger Barn.  The Blazin' burger with a side of guacamole is so goooooood.
Went to my Nana's with Squirt for a visit.  They love each other.
Still loving this salad... so good.
& still loving my DavidsTea advent calendar!
Craft show!  I still need to do a post about this.
My Secret Santa Mel came to visit me at the craft show!
My sweet girl.
AH. I'm almost completely caught up with these posts!  Haha.  I probably should have posted this yesterday so I could have posted the post from last week today, but whatever.  So these photos are from December 3rd-9th.  I was still feeling a bit sick (and I STILL have a cough and the past couple days my sore throat came back.  It's been over 4 weeks!  When is this cold going to go away... bah.) and spent most of this week doing last minute things for my craft show.  

The other day I went to upload some photos from my point & shoot camera, and all of the photos from the past couple of weeks were GONE.  So I downloaded a program to re-store photos, and they're still on the memory card... just hidden.  So I went through all of the steps & just as I was about to re-store them, it asked for 30-something dollars.  AH.  Haha.  So I'm going to take it to Black's and hopefully they'll be able to help me out.  But I'm missing some photos from Alex's Christmas party on the Friday night (which was a ton of fun!), photos from my birthday dinner and that, and all of the photos from me & Jesse's birthday party! So, that's a bummer... hopefully I'll be able to get those photos back. 

This weekend Keith & I have a couple of parties to go to, and I've got some presents to wrap (unless my sister will help me out and wrap them for me... I hate wrapping presents, haha.).  Then it's CHRISTMAS.  I'm really hoping we get some snow, because it doesn't really feel like Christmas!  What are your plans for this weekend?


  1. Craft show! Yes, tell us about the craft show! and that sucks about your pictures, i hate when that happens.

    Do you guys have Mucinex in Canada? it makes you cough up all the gross stuff in your lungs and does wonders for a cough.

  2. Aw, you have the cutest dog:) That dinner looks amazing too. And a tea-filled advent calender? Genius! I would have loved one of those!

    Happy Holidays!


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