Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Peek at My Week... 47!

Woooo my birthday decorations!
Keith & I went out for breakfast, to a couple of my favourite yarn stores & out for a free birthday drink.
Hahaha I love that photo of me & Squirt.
My birthday dinner.
I totally had a sheep on my cake!
Hmmm does that top gift look like a tin of tea to anyone?  haha.
Keith & I headed over to Nat & Kris' afterwards and De & Nat had a little birthday celebration for me there.  Complete with a SHEEP MASK for me haha!
Poor Nat didn't make it into the group photo.
Fun with glow sticks.
Still loving the tea advent calendar.
birthday gifts!
Loooooooving this quinoa & black bean salad.  SO GOOD.
So, remember how I mentioned that my memory card to my point & shoot camera got all weird?  I'm missing a lot of photos from this week.  On the Tuesday night Keith & I headed over to wish Jesse a happy birthday and visit with Sophie.  Wednesday was my birthday & I had a great day and night.  Got to play risk all night long!  Haha.  I love that game... On Saturday we went to Jesse & Lauren's house for our birthday party & got some awesome group photos, but the pictures are on the messed up memory card.  Along with some nice photos of me, Keith & my Nana out for my birthday dinner.  & a pretty awesome photo of me blowing out the candles on my SHEEP cake, haha.  

Also, I have become obsessed with this recipe I found. It's so delicious and I might have made it 4 nights out of 7 one week.  But how can you not?  It's so good, especially topped with pepperjack & cheddar cheese, red onions, cherry tomatoes, fresh lettuce, salsa, sour cream & lots and lots of avocado.  Ohhhhhh man, I could totally go for some right now... and I just had it last night, ha.  I HIGHLY suggest that recipe.  SO GOOD.  Mmmmmmm.

ANYWAY, I totally feel behind on posting these yet again... the week of Christmas I didn't really blog a lot, and then Keith & I went to Chicago... and I just got around to uploading photos from Christmas the other day, ha. But my goal is to get all caught up on these posts by the end of the month.  I'm only 3 behind, so I think I can do it...

Tomorrow is Lauren's birthday so we're going out for dinner with her, Jesse & Sophie and I am super excited.  I might have been having dreams about hanging out with Sophie all week long... baha!  OH, and I also now have American Netflix, so I can finally work on my list of tv shows & movies to watch!  Have any suggestions to add to the list?  I finished Damages and I'm working on finishing Weeds, then after that I don't know what show to start on.  Keith & I watched Machine Gun Preacher the other night and that was a good movie, I suggest checking it out if you're looking for something to watch. 


  1. Ooh, it looks like you had such a lovely birthday! The animal masks are beyond awesome.

    1. Haha they were awesome!! So glad there was a sheep one.

      & HEY!!! I've missed you!!

  2. ohmygoodness!! A sheep cake!! Let me just tell you: Anytime I see anything David Bowie or sheep related I always think of you! haha!
    It looks like you had such a wonderful birthday Holly!! xo

    1. Hahah you are the best!! I'm the same with you & anything Dr. Who!! :)

  3. looks like an wonderful birthday!!! also, that salad looks amazing!


  4. hahah Risk, I love that too!! and happy birthday to you, it looked like such a great time. i love your decorations and that tiered present looks AWESOME :)

    1. Risk is so much fun! Hmmm I wonder if anyone is up for playing this week... haha!

  5. Happy birthday!! I absolutely love your photos this week! They really capture the moment and I love the lighting effect that you have going on, it's fab!! :)

  6. Ooooh the nordic mug, awesome! I got some Davids Tea goodies for Christmas too, the bamboo top clear glass travel mug and the Giant clear mug for home, soooo good! I love them both and am using the giant one now.

    Happy Birthday pretty girl! Glad you had a lovely week! You've got me wanting to use my DSLR more and do a peek at my week like this too.

  7. (For some reason it won't let me reply directly to you, Carly!)

    I loooove that bamboo travel mug! It's so prettttty, haha. I also want to buy the glass mug for home, but I'm scared I'll break it! Does it seem weak at all?

    You should totally do a peek at my week posts! They help me pick up my camera & take photos of little things. I think a year ago this week or next I started doing it, but even looking back at the photos from then brings back tons of memories! & helps my camera not collect any dust, ha!


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