Friday, January 18, 2013

A Peek at My Week... 50!

Before heading out to the NYE party, I got started on a new book.  & had a glittery bubble bath, thanks to Nat & Lush!  (Also tea, of course.)
New Year's!  Bahahaha I love NYE parties with these people.  We cheers over & over & over again, and sing scream at the top of our lungs.  Okay, that happens at every party with these people, but still..
Went to Chicago!  We stopped in at Helen and Scottie's house (the halfway point to Chicago for us) and spent the night. 
The Bean!
Drank some moonshine that we picked up at Duty Free!  Good, but MAN those cherries are strong!  Haha.
Navy Pier!  Haha I was so shocked Keith took that "myspace" photo of us! 
Hahahah so Keith loves the Chicago Bears, and he was finally able to go into a store that sells Bears memorabilia.  So, he was super pumped.  & made sure that I got a Bears shirt.  We were taking cheesy photos of us wearing all the new Bears things, but then he got bored & this happened.
New Year's Eve!  Chicago!  Helen & Scottie!  The last week of 2012/first week of 2013 was a pretty good one!  Rang in the new year with a bunch of great people.  I took a couple short videos of that night on my camera and I'm glad I did, because they are hilarious to watch.  Or listen to.  We always have such an awesome time, haha.

Keith & I went to Chicago for a Christmas gift!  We decided to leave a day earlier and stop in Lansing to stay with my Nana's cousin Helen & Scottie.  Like Keith said the other day, most people probably wouldn't expect us to have such a good time hanging out with an 89 and a 92 year old, and stay up way past midnight talking, but we had such a blast.  I really wish that Helen & Scottie lived closer.  4 hours (and in a different country!) is just too far.  They were here visiting on my Mom's birthday back in September, but I'm not sure the next time that we'll see them.  Helen is one of the first people that I sit down to write a letter to.  (I actually just got one from her yesterday!)  We had so much fun with them, and I'm sure if we didn't have a hotel booked for the next night in Chicago, we would have stayed longer.

ANYWAY, once we did leave Lansing, we went to Chicago!  Keith's first time!  & his first time going to (driving through) Indiana & Illinois!  (Now to go to the rest of the states!  Haha.)  He had been talking about wanting to go on a trip for a while, so in the beginning of December I booked a trip to Chicago as a secret Christmas present.  He's a huge Bears fan, and if things had have worked out better, they would have played in Chicago on the Saturday that we were there.  But because they were done for the season, all the merch was 30% off, ha!   We had a great time & Keith is already planning on us going back sometime in April.  I've got some more photos of our trip, so I'll be posting those some time next weeeeek.

This weekend I'm super pumped for a girls day/night!  It's been too long since we all hung out & I'm super pumped.  (As I just said, ha.)  I'm not 100% sure what we're doing, but I'm sure whatever we end up doing we will have sore cheeks from laughing.  I think Keith & I might go with my cousin Nathan to visit my Bubba at some point, too.  Keith & Nathan didn't get a chance to go to my Bubba's for Christmas, so we're going to go for a visit.  We just have to figure out a time that we're all free.

Ah, this post is getting super long!  I hope you guys all have a great weekend!  Do you have any plans?


  1. What an awesome week!! I love all these photos! You + Keith are so cute together!! :)

  2. these pics are the best! Love you!


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