Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Peek at My Week... 51!

Still loving this quinoa black bean salad!  Yum.
Squirty is still loving her nutcracker!  Thanks Megan!
I made a couple of headbands for Sophie.
We went out to eat for Lauren's birthday!
Sophie wearing her new "bracelets"!  haha.
Wooo!  I'm almost caught up on these!  Haha.  This week was filled with lots of crocheting for my upcoming craft show, and drinking lots of tea!  A perfect combination, if you ask me.   We also went out to celebrate Lauren's birthday.  Sophie was hilarious!  Haha.  I love the fact that she knows my name now.  So sweet to hear her little voice say, "Holly!"  Haha.  Or "Moses".  I think she thinks Keith's name is Moses.  I also have  a video from that night of Keith, Tim, De & Scott singing and making strange noises while holding Sophie.  hahaha, it's pretty hilarious & I would share it with you guys, but for some reason the computer crashes every time I try to upload it.  Bummer. 

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  1. Squirt always put the biggest smile on my face!! I'm so glad that she loves that little nutcracker I sent her!! :D
    PS Sophie is so darling!! I love those headbands you made her!!


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