Thursday, February 28, 2013

The List: January & (most of) February Update!

World Map!  To pin.

I never got around to doing my monthly update for January, so I figured I would just combine January & (most of) February into one post.  The other day my Dad & I glued the map of the world that I have to a piece of corkboard/wood so that I can finally hang it on the wall & put pins in for all of the places I've been.  The package of pins that I got have a few different colours so I'm going to pin a few different things, I think.  Places I've been, places I want to go (although most of the map might be covered after that, so I've got to think about that one, haha.), places that I've sent letters to (this year?  Since I've been keeping track of the letters I've been sending this year.), & places I've shipped items to. AND HEY, if you want to be pen pals... fill out your information here & I'll send ya a little something! Let me know if you'd like my info, too!  Haha.  Mail is fun!

Speaking of letters,  I haven't been sitting down every Sunday night to write letters... haha.  Whoops.   But I have sent over 12 letters (or postcards), so... that's good.  Haha.

And as for books, I read one book on the iPad that I'm totally counting, even though it wasn't more than 100 pages... haha.  So I read Insurgent, Swim, MWF Seeking BFF (this took me FOREVER to get through.),  Lullabies for Little Criminals, War Child (really liked this.),  and Rules of the Tunnel (Eh, wouldn't suggest that book.).   Right now I'm reading Growing Up Amish.

Did you set any goals for January or February?  Have you read anything good lately?  Let me know!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday's Finds: Part 23!

This is such a pretty workspace
I LOVE these candlesticks
This is such a pretty bracelet
Caramelized pineapple quesadillas with spicy strawberry salsa?  OH MAN.  I think I'm going to have to make this ASAP.
This ring is beautiful.
I would looooooove to stay at this place!!!
I wish this bottle opener was still available from Ruche!
Amanda Mocci is so talented!!!  Love her style.
One of these days I'm going to have a "favourite things" party. 
LOVE this room

Friday, February 22, 2013

A Peek at My Week... 56!

I love Catan!  So fun.
Bahahaha Tristan made up a game, and this was the word we had to describe to someone to guess.  Fats wrote this... it says "The Strokes", haha!  So hard to read...
I got this book & filled it out (I write down a line or two every single day in my planner, now I have another place to put it) one morning during breakfast.
Valentine's Day flowers!  (The white orchid is from earlier.)
Projects I'm working on.
Some of my tea collection. 
Christmas might be over but I'm keeping these ornaments hanging around.
Did I ever show you the finished birthday blanket?
Some cowls that need to be photographed & added to my shop!
Last week I got a bit of a cold, mostly an earache.  When I was younger I never had earaches, but my sister was constantly getting them.  So, I think I got my first ever one last week.  They suck, ha.  And ear drops feel so straaaaange!  Not a fun feeling.  I'm feeling a lot better now, though. We had a few game nights last week.  I love playing games!  & finding new games to play.  I'm a little bit Caracassonned out, so I'm glad that we've started playing Catan!  We played it at Simon & Sam's house one night, then over to Tristan's another.  Game nights are fun!  

My friend Erin came over on Thursday and we had such a fun visit!  We went to high school together, and seem to get together every two years or so... haha.  I hadn't seen her since Keith & I met her boyfriend (who is now her fiance) and her for a few years ago.  She's hilarious & always so fun to hang out with.  Hopefully we won't go that long without seeing each other again!  

I also picked up some new books, and the One Line a Day journal.  I love writing down in my planner what I did the day before, so now I have a place where I can write a bit of a longer version and do so every year.  Awesome.  Do any of you guys have that book?  Or one similar to it?    This weekend, I'm not really sure what we're doing.  Keith is now feeling a bit sick, so probably not a whole lot.  Sunday I'm going to the chili cook off downtown with my Dad.  We've gone the past few years & always eat a ton of delicious chili.   Hope you guys all have a great weekend!  Do you have anything fun planned?

Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Peek at My Week... 54 & 55!

Wrote letters 11 & 12 out of 100 for this year.
My first square in one of the crochet-a-longs I joined.
Finished my pillow
Keith & I played Carcassonne with Pike, Fats & Simon.
This chicken is so delicious... cook chicken & then make bruschetta topping and put that, some sliced avocado & mozzarella cheese on top, then pop it under the broiler until the cheese is melted. Put it on a bed of baby spinach and then drizzle some (or, LOTS!) balsamic reduction on top.  Add more avocado & EAT.  SO GOOD.
Babysat sweet little Soph!
We got a snow storm!  I love the snow.
Worked on more pillows.
Squirt could spend hours looking out the window.
Keith & I went to London for the night and ate at Relish.  That was his burger with grilled cheeses instead of a bun.
We skyped with Brooke!  She's in Japan for a month (or maybe two??).
Note to self: DO NOT do this again unless you like being sore for three days... (Also, ignore my super messy hair...)
Letter writing, babysitting cute kids, crocheting, delicious food, lots of games, good friends, snow and cute dogs.  That is a pretty good summary of these two weeks. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

On My Desk

I love my new salt lamp candle holder! 
Squares for the new crochet-a-long I joined.
Waiting to be turned into a pillow!
Lots of hearts...
My adorable eraser from Megan, my sheep measuring tape from my parents (that is covered in yarn!) and my sheep pen from Keithy.
I love adding new things to my bulletin board.  The pins are from Jules, and the cards are from Megan & Danielle.
My new book from my mom & dad and my selenite wand from Deezy!
I reorganized my desk a little bit the other day, so I thought I would take some photos of my workspace to share with you guys.  Yarn can sometimes make a place look a bit messy with the ends everywhere, but I love being able to see all of the different colours that I'm working with.  Right now I'm working on pillows (all of those circles are going to be turned into a pillow, I just need to pick up some more of the white to join them all together) and I'm also working on a new crochet-a-long.  I joined one, but I kind of misread the instructions and instead of getting a new square or block to make every week, it's every other week.  I'm going to continue working on that, but I get so restless waiting two weeks for a new square to work on!  Haha.  So I found this one called InaSpin that is on week 13, so I figured I might as well join & try to catch up! 

I also have a bunch of hearts that I made for the craft show that I was going to be in a couple of weeks back.  The night before the craft show, we got a really big snow storm, so I decided to not head to Toronto in the morning for the show.  The show was going to be just before Valentine's Day, so I made a ton of heart themed products!  It's kind of a bummer I didn't get a chance to sell them, but now I've got a bunch of stock for next year's Valentine's day, ha!  I might list some of the hearts in my Etsy shop and see how they do... hearts can be enjoyed year round, right? 

What does your desk look like?  Completely clear?  More of a neat clutter?  (Oxymoron, I know!)  Do you like putting everything away and having it clear or do you prefer to see everything you're working on, like I do?
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