Friday, February 22, 2013

A Peek at My Week... 56!

I love Catan!  So fun.
Bahahaha Tristan made up a game, and this was the word we had to describe to someone to guess.  Fats wrote this... it says "The Strokes", haha!  So hard to read...
I got this book & filled it out (I write down a line or two every single day in my planner, now I have another place to put it) one morning during breakfast.
Valentine's Day flowers!  (The white orchid is from earlier.)
Projects I'm working on.
Some of my tea collection. 
Christmas might be over but I'm keeping these ornaments hanging around.
Did I ever show you the finished birthday blanket?
Some cowls that need to be photographed & added to my shop!
Last week I got a bit of a cold, mostly an earache.  When I was younger I never had earaches, but my sister was constantly getting them.  So, I think I got my first ever one last week.  They suck, ha.  And ear drops feel so straaaaange!  Not a fun feeling.  I'm feeling a lot better now, though. We had a few game nights last week.  I love playing games!  & finding new games to play.  I'm a little bit Caracassonned out, so I'm glad that we've started playing Catan!  We played it at Simon & Sam's house one night, then over to Tristan's another.  Game nights are fun!  

My friend Erin came over on Thursday and we had such a fun visit!  We went to high school together, and seem to get together every two years or so... haha.  I hadn't seen her since Keith & I met her boyfriend (who is now her fiance) and her for a few years ago.  She's hilarious & always so fun to hang out with.  Hopefully we won't go that long without seeing each other again!  

I also picked up some new books, and the One Line a Day journal.  I love writing down in my planner what I did the day before, so now I have a place where I can write a bit of a longer version and do so every year.  Awesome.  Do any of you guys have that book?  Or one similar to it?    This weekend, I'm not really sure what we're doing.  Keith is now feeling a bit sick, so probably not a whole lot.  Sunday I'm going to the chili cook off downtown with my Dad.  We've gone the past few years & always eat a ton of delicious chili.   Hope you guys all have a great weekend!  Do you have anything fun planned?


  1. I love playing games too! Game nights are the best! Have you played Ticket to Ride? So many good games out! My brother-in-law has been trying to get us to play Catan, but I guess we need a second opinion. Is it fun?

  2. I love all your cowls + blankets you've made and your tea collection looks delicious!! (If I lived close to you I'd probably be over every day for a cup!! haha!)
    I'm sorry your ear has been hurting - ear aches are horrible!! I hope you feel better soon and I hope you have a great weekend! xo

  3. I have one of those 'One Line a Day' diaries. I've had it for 2.5 years now and it's great that I'm at a stage where I'm starting to see what I was doing on the same day last year and the year before. It's really fun and really interesting to see how life moves on, but also to see how life stays the same in many ways! Have fun, it's a great diary to keep!
    Amy xx

  4. That diary is neat!! And I love game nights!!!


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