Monday, February 4, 2013

Adventures in Juicing: Part 10!

Please excuse the ugly colour of this juice, ha!  This just was packed full of oranges (two different types), lemon, kale, cucumber, carrots, nectarines and ginger.  I love adding a bit of ginger to juices, it adds so much flavour.  I started out juicing the carrots, oranges & nectarines, and it was such a nice, orangey-red colour.  The kale, grapes and cucumber turned it this... brown-ish colour.  Haha.  But it was good!  Trust me!  Haha.  

Here are some health benefits of juicing carrots (via juicing-for-health):

Acidosis:  The vital organic alkaline elements in carrots help balance the blood acidity and blood sugar.
Acne:  Its powerful cleansing properties are effective in detoxifying the liver, thus overall effective for acne which are caused by toxicity of the blood.
Anemia:  Carrot's molecules are closest to human's hemoglobin molecules, making it very beneficial in blood-building.
Atherosclerosis:  The highly cleansing power of this miracle juice scrubs away even the old build-up of arterial deposits, reducing the risks of heart diseases and stroke.
Asthma:  The anti-oxidants effectively protects the respiratory system from infections and free-radical attacks.
Cancer:  Studies show that adding one carrot per day in our diet significantly reduces cancer risks.
Cholesterol:  Pectin in carrots lowers the serum cholesterol levels.
Congestion:  Carrot juice is very effective in dispelling mucus from the ear, nose and throat area, easing nasal congestion, sinusitis, phlegm and mucus in the throat and other similar disorders.
Eyes:  Beta-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin are some of the finest nourishment that help keep the optic system in tip-top condition, with special protection against astigmatism, macular degeneration and cataracts.
Inflammations:  Its anti-inflammatory effect greatly helps reduce arthritis, rheumatism, gout and other inflammations.
Immune systems:  It does wonders for boosting the immune system by increasing the production and performance of white blood cells;  building resistant to various kinds of infections.
Skin problems:  The high quality vitamin C and other rich nutrients in carrot juice efficiently nourish the skin, preventing dry skin, psoriasis and other skin blemishes.


  1. I really want to start juicing!!

    Love you blog by the way...I am a new follower! xox

  2. I haven't gotten into the whole juicing thing but I definitely think it works. I'm just too stuck on solid food to make a change.


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