Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Ah, I love the snow & the winter time... but I decided it's time to start getting ready for the summer!  Keith & I have been meaning to make a list of things that we want to do this summer, so I thought I would do a little post of some ideas that I came up with.  

Every summer I want to go fruit picking.  Last year we went strawberry, blueberry & peach picking.  Unfortunately we missed out on the raspberries, and the majority of the cherry trees were ruined for the season because of the really warm weather we got last March. (I'm hoping that doesn't happen again this year!) Also, maybe we can go gooseberry & pear picking!  There are a few farms around here where we can do that.
I'd love to make some delicious things from all of the fruit that we're (hopefully) going to pick!  Last year I made some yummy blueberry & strawberry scones.  This year I'm hoping to make a pie and some jam.
Honey strawberry jam.
And while we're on the topic of food... make more pizza on the BBQ!  The BBQ gives the pizza such a delicious flavour... & it's easy! 
And of course... sleep outside again!  I think Squirt enjoys sleeping outside the most... she spends most of the night running around, haha!
Go to Toronto Island & see my sheep again!!  It's been over a year & a half!!  Haha.
Camping!  Lots of camping.
Also, check out the badlands!  I've been wanting to check out this place for a long time, hopefully this summer we can!

What are you hoping to do this summer?


  1. That BBQ pizza looks sooo good! We should try that this summer too! Great list you have here!


  2. It's raining and gross in Portland, all I want is sunshine on my face! All this stuff looks like so much fun!

  3. how have a never cooked pizza on the bbq before?
    Even though it's technically autumn here, it's apparently 37deg on Friday (horribly hot)so there's plenty of bbq weather left.

    great idea!

  4. I needed to see these summer snapshots! I am in total bitch mode due to winter blues today. The berry picking and grass and jam and pie... it all looks too freaking magical! I am looking forward to gardening, chicken loving, and bee tending. :)

  5. Thank you for stopping by my blog! These pictures made me feel all summery again. Love from a cold, wet dog called England!

  6. You have given me fantastic ideas for some Summer time fun! That pizza on the barbecue looks so so good! And fruit picking and making things with it sounds like a new hobby I wouldn't mind picking up!

  7. i want summer!! this post made me ache for it. :)
    hopefully i will visit hawaii for the first time ever!

  8. you are seriously the cutest!!! wish we lived closer!! I'm headed to Canada (Vancouver) in August, but I think I remember you being from a different area. xoxo


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