Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday's Finds: Part 28!

If you have steps anywhere in your backyard, this is a great idea for how to decorate around them!
I always have herbs in pots at the back of the deck, but this is such a nicer way to display them!
Even if you don't have a lot of room in your backyard, you can still grow quite a bit!
I looooove succulents!
I love this idea: river rocks in a box garden hose = clean feet! Placed in the sun will heat the stones as well. Great way to wash off feet covered with grass and dirt before coming inside.
Love the idea of growing things in crates!
Can you tell I have gardening on my mind?  Haha.  The weather has been getting warmer (er, kind of.  Okay, we did have some flurries on the weekend... ha!) but I'm getting excited to grow things this summer!  I want to grow a lot of vegetables and as always, tons of herbs!  Do you ever grow veggies or herbs?  Or are you lucky enough to be able to grow fruit year round where you live? 

Friday, April 19, 2013

A Peek at My Week... 63!

Little walk with this little girl
My cousin Mikayla came over for tea & we went out for lunch!  (After spending half an hour deciding where to go!  Hahaha.  We're indecisive!)
Love this spicy pierogi pizza...
You can't really tell, but my tea was glittering... haha!  (One of these days I'll capture it!)
New yarn for the blanket I've been working on!  I'll post photos soon.
DELICIOUS onion rings & a delicious burger from Chuck's!
An awesome store.
Fries in the alley?
Checked out a tea shop & picked up some macarons!
(Tried to) Surprise dinner for Joey's birthday!
This week was filled with crocheting & watching documentaries on Netflix (The World's Toughest Gang, Inside North Korea, Dear Zachary - which is the saddest thing I have ever seen but I highly suggest watching it.) and Locked Up Abroad.  Also lots of tea, I got my hair done for the first time since last May (how had it almost been a year?!) and eating some delicious food.  Oh, and hanging out with friends &  my cousin! 

My parents, my sister & I decided to head to Hamilton on Saturday afternoon to check out this burger place a guy my dad works with suggested.  We also stopped at The Bread Bar to pick up some freshly baked bread, that I'm wishing I had in front of me right now...  While we waited for a table at Chuck's, my Mom & I wandered around Locke Street checking out some of the shops.  Above Goodness Me is a really awesome shop called Pure, and since I took about a million and one photos of it I'll save that for another post... haha.  We also found a teashop that was selling macarons, and since I haven't had any since I was in Paris (in 2011!  AH I want to go baaaaaaack!  Haha.) I had to get a few.  We also saw a tearoom that does afternoon tea (complete with a woman who will read your tea leaves!) so we're going to have to go check that out some time this summer.

Later that night Keith, Alex, Tessier & I headed back to Hamilton to a restaurant to surprise Joey for his birthday!  Although the surprise may have accidentally been ruined, we all still had a lot of fun.  How can you not at a place called Hillbilly Heaven?  Haha! 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Melting Snow

Keith & I took this little munchkin for a walk a few Saturdays ago when we had a nice & sunny day.  The snow was almost all melted and Squirt had fun peeing on as many trees as she could & walking into the (freezing cold!) water.  She looooooooves exploring and Keith & I like checking out new places.  Unfortunately because it was a Saturday and one of the nicest days we had so far this year, everyone else had the same idea.  All of the places we wanted to go was filled with other people (and dogs, and Squirt is more of a people person.) so we ended up going to this place near the river that Keith used to hang out at when he was younger.   Hopefully this spring & summer we can check out some of the waterfalls nearby!  There are more than 120 and I'd love to go to as many as we can!  (Over time, of course... haha!)  Are there any cool places near you that you can go check out?  And hidden waterfalls? 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Peek at My Week... 61 & 62!

I was taking photos of my new necklace I got from Etsy (I always feel so special when I get "ROYAL MAIL", haha!) and...
Squirt decided she had to stand guard, ha!  She always does this when I'm trying to take photos! 
Keith & I went out to eat, then stopped at Chapter's for some new books. (& mugs for Cara!) That balsamic glaze was delicious... yum!
Sara & I went out with my Nana.  I'm such an artist... & my Nana really cracks me up!
Two of my favourite things, in cookie form!  Haha.  This was at the One of a Kind Craft Show!
Danni's booth!  I kind of wanted EVERYTHING.
I LOVE Chipotle.  Oh man.  Seriously.  Look at all that guacamole!
Mint honey (SO good in tea!), 5 fruit jam & creamy honey from the OOAK craft show!
So serious.
Tea, honey & jam on toast & some orange juice in my glass from France!
A delicious lunch from the Tipperary Bog.   (I didn't eat those cupcakes though, haha.)  I love their tomato basil soup.
Skyping with Helen & Scottie!
My new necklace!  (And one of my favourite mugs.)
I was sleep walking & pulled a bunch of things off my wall... woke up holding 5 different hoops/frames/etc.  Weird, ha!
I've been doing the Couch25K.  Can't decide if I like the grey or the white shoelaces better, ha.
I love her.
Keith & I took Squirty for a walk on a nice & warm day! 
My Mom & I went to the One of a Kind Craft Show in Toronto & had a really good time!  I was hoping to meet up with Danni from Oh Hello Friend, but got to meet her husband instead!  haha.  I also picked up some goodies from her booth, I'll have to take some photos & share that in another post.  I'm so glad we went on the Thursday because there were no lines or big crowds (except around Danni's booth!  Every time I went by it it was surrounded by people.) and we had enough time afterwards to stop at Chipotle to get some delicious burrito salads & at DAVIDsTEA before catching the train home.  (I can't go to Toronto and not stop at DAVIDsTEA!  Haha.)

On the 29th my Nana came over and we were able to skype with her cousins Helen & Scottie in Michigan!  My Nana hasn't seen them since they were here in September (the past few years we take her to Michigan to stay with them for a few days, but last year she was in the hospital for a bit and didn't feel up to traveling.) and only talks to them on the phone (but has a hard time because she's VERY hard of hearing) and through letters.  Keith & I stayed with them in January on our way to Chicago and Helen & I write letters back and forth, but it was so nice to skype with them!  It really felt like we were all together again.  Helen just turned 93 this week! 
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