Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Peek at My Week... 59 & 60!

One of my favourite meals EVER.  It's so good.  Black beans, sunny side up eggs with cheese, fresh homemade salsa (cherry tomatoes, red onion, jalepenos, lime juice & LOTS of fresh cilantro), avocado (when I have it, unfortunately not this time, hah.), sour cream, & hot sauce on a grilled tomato & basil tortilla.  YUM. 
Working on my One Line a Day book and drinking lots of tea. 
Made this, again.  Hahaha!
Working on new pillow designs.
My bulletin board.
The places I've been!
More pillow cases.
Finished a paint-by-number & started a new one. 
Received my new lamp!
It wouldn't be right to not have a photo of Squirt!  Haha.
Went to the States & had some delicious Huevos Rancheros.  Yum. 
& discovered a new favourite chocolate bar!
Celebrated my Dad's birthday!
And of course, made this again.  Haha!
I'm missing a few photos for this post (they were all taken on my point & shoot camera and I haven't uploaded them yet.)... I went out for dinner with Tim & De, Jesse, Lauren & Soph one night.  Then celebrated Tim's birthday & babysat Sophie another day.   We also went over to Nat & Travis' for St. Patrick's Day, and my parents & I went out to the Bread Bar in Hamilton for a delicious dinner.  

Other than that, these two weeks were filled with lots of my favourite meal (haha), creating new items for my shop, celebrating my Dad's birthday, drinking lots of tea & working on Paint-By-Numbers!  Haha.  Does anyone else like to do those?  I am so terrible at painting, but when you squint at the finished product it looks okay... ha! 


  1. aawww!! Squirt is so adorable!! (as always!) Happy bday to your dad!! PS And we used to have a REALLY similar couch to the one your dad is sitting on!! haha! I love these little peeks at your week Holly!! xo

  2. This food looks delish! I love your new lamp!

  3. It looks like you're knitting BACON! YES!

    and I love that lamp! I wonder if I could pinterest that! hahaa

  4. where is the place you have been over by Oregon???


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