Thursday, April 18, 2013

Melting Snow

Keith & I took this little munchkin for a walk a few Saturdays ago when we had a nice & sunny day.  The snow was almost all melted and Squirt had fun peeing on as many trees as she could & walking into the (freezing cold!) water.  She looooooooves exploring and Keith & I like checking out new places.  Unfortunately because it was a Saturday and one of the nicest days we had so far this year, everyone else had the same idea.  All of the places we wanted to go was filled with other people (and dogs, and Squirt is more of a people person.) so we ended up going to this place near the river that Keith used to hang out at when he was younger.   Hopefully this spring & summer we can check out some of the waterfalls nearby!  There are more than 120 and I'd love to go to as many as we can!  (Over time, of course... haha!)  Are there any cool places near you that you can go check out?  And hidden waterfalls? 


  1. Beautiful photos!! Keith is too funny posing in these photos and Squirt is always such a cutie!! xo

  2. I love Squirt! So expressive hehe


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