Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wood Branches

A little while ago I was contacted by HomeSav to see if I'd like to do a review for my blog.  Uh, YES!  Haha.  I honestly had a hard time figuring out what to get, because there are so many great things available on their website.   HomeSav offers all kinds of things from small appliances to home decor at awesome prices.  The items go up from anywhere for 24 hours to 6 days, and new items are added every day.  
I picked this really awesome looking Wood Branches lamp and I just love the way it looks.  It's so unique, I've never seen anything like it before.  I really wish that we still had our cottage up north, because it would look perfect there.  But it also looks pretty awesome sitting with my beautiful orchid (thanks Keith!) & mini Eiffel Tower I got while in Paris.

The shipping was extremely quick. When the doorbell rang & the delivery guy said he had a package for me, I honestly had no idea what it was.  I didn't think  it was possible for the lamp to be here that quickly, ha.  The entire purchase was awesome, the people I worked with were amazing, it was just overall a great experience.  I'm looking forward to buying more things from them in the future!  Right now I have my eye on a few of these pillows...   And the best thing?  When you invite a friend to buy something, they receive 10$ off their first purchase.  In return you get a 15$ credit!  Awesome.


  1. Wow! That looks beautiful. I love it! Rustic and chic...thats my kind of decorating! I really want to hunker down and decorate our place with nice things this year.

  2. Beautiful!!!

    that corner looks really cozy yet personal. I like it when you can tell a person's personality through their decor



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