Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Peek at My Week... 64 & 65!

Got some awesome prints in the mail!  I love it when people really decorate letters/envelopes.
This is what happens when I try to take photos of things... Squirt has to see what's going on outside.
Getting ready for a craft show!
Laying out some of the (720!!!) squares for a blanket.
Jay's game!
New crocheted (tea) potholder in action!
Delicious crepe.
Soph enjoying some yogurt.
A TON of birds on the rough lake.
Hanging out with Soph & Lauren at the "big pool".
Lunch with Brooke, Alex & Meaghan.
Oh hey!  It's been a while, eh?  I've been a bit busy lately & I've also been enjoying the nice SPRING weather!  Finally!  I was beginning to think it was going to feel like winter for EVER.  The winter is nice & all, I really am a fan, but when it's cold for so long it starts to bum ya out!  

So, these photos are from the 8th to the 21st of April.  Keith & I hung out with Soph, Lauren & Jesse for a bit (Sophie is seriously my favourite kid EVER.  She's the best.). Sara & I went to our first ever yoga class!  We soon learned it wasn't a beginner's class... haha.  I was sore for a few days afterwards.  I am not flexible at all.  I mean, I can't even touch my toes... but I recently got a yoga mat & I'm seriously wanting to get into it.  Sara's in Italy for the next few weeks, but once she comes back I'm hoping that we will start to go regularly.  To BEGINNERS classes, ha! 

I also had a craft show at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto!  Don't ask me why, but I didn't take ANY photos on my camera!  I have maybe two or three cell phone shots, but that's it.  It was a fun day, though!  & afterwards I made a little terrarium at West Elm, so that was fun.  (I still need to take some daylight photos of that.) 

On the 15th I headed to Toronto for a Jay's game with Keith, De & Tim.  We went to this bookstore & I got a ton of books for 6.99$ which was AWESOME.  (New books are always great, but finding them for so cheap?!  Even better!  That means more books!  Haha.)  And we also went to CHIPTOLE, so it was a great day.  (The Jay's won, by the way!)

Wednesday was Alex's birthday, so we all went out for dinner to surprise her.  (She might have found out about it, but that's okay... ha!)  Plus it was the first time seeing Brooke since she got back from Japan!  That was a lot of fun, plus any night that ends in ice cream is pretty damn good.

Thursday I went to Port Dover with Lauren & Sophie and we ate at The Crepe House.  DELICIOUS.  I can't wait to go back and try some of the other crepes!  The one I got had blueberries and lemon curd and was soo good.  Oh man.  

I ended the week with Brooke, Alex & Meaghan in Guelph.  We went out for lunch and did a bit of shopping.  We always have so much fun when we get together, and always buy way too much!  Hahaha.  I got some new Lush goodies for the bath, and some new tea from DAVIDsTEA.  I can never have enough of either!

Anyway, I'm glad that I was able to mark off two different items on "THE LIST" in these two weeks! I went to a yoga class, went in another craft show, & finally went to a Jay's game!  (I've been to a few Jay's games, but not since creating the list.)  Hopefully this summer I'll mark off a lot more.  Do you have a list of anything that you want to do over the summer?  


  1. Oh my goodness!! I am IN LOVE with that blanket you're making!! And the pot holder is beautiful!! I adore the mail that you got - the pen pal one + the tea time one is so adorable!!! I hope you have a great weekend Holly!! xo

  2. I follow that blanket that you are making on instagram. :) 720 pieces? Wow, that's gonna be huge, ha? :) Btw, I am very happy that I've discovered your blog, a couple of weeks ago and I like when people design their own envelopes, too. :)

  3. that pizza looks incredible.... some gorgeous pictures xxx


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