Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday's Finds: Sevenly

I was going to do a regular Monday's Finds post, but I stumbled upon this website called Sevenly and I wanted to share it with you guys.  Every Monday a new cause is chosen and items are created and sold for 7 days.  7$ of every items is then given to the charity of that week.  This is the cause for this week:
There’s a silent killer affecting nearly half a million babies each year. This culprit is called hydrocephalus, which resides in the fragile skulls of newborns, causing fluid to build up in the brain and creating severe swelling. Left untreated, this condition leads to brain damage, blindness, and ultimately death. In Uganda, the medical care required to save these babies does not exist, forcing mothers to watch helplessly as their infant suffers painfully.
 I just purchased this:

And here are some other items for sale this week (click on the image to be taken to the product page):
As of right now over 1,300$ has been raised and this campaign has only been live for 2 hours.  And today if you purchase something, your 7$ donation will be doubled by an anonymous donor, so you should definitely check it out!

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  1. wow. what a great cause. thanks for sharing. I'm going to check them out.


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