Friday, May 10, 2013

The List: Calligraphy

Melissa Esplin
One of the things I want to do on "THE LIST" is to learn how to do calligraphy.  I feel like because I'm left handed I might have a harder time learning, but I'm determined to learn.  I'm constantly searching the calligraphy tag on Instagram and every time I go to the bookstore I browse through different calligraphy books.

Have any of you learned?  Do you have any tips for a COMPLETE beginner?  And a left handed beginner at that?  I know the main tip is PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. First I need to find some left handed pens/nibs...
Alexandra Snowdon
Noteworthy and Blue
Oh So Very Pretty

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  1. Hey lady! This shop is pretty amazing and when I searched for left hand nibs a lot seemed to come up. I am right handed so unfortunately I probably won't have a lot of advice in that area. Youtube is amazing and like you said just practice practice practice. I would pick a specific alphabet like italic or copperlate and learn that in and out! Have fun!


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